Chopping It Up With DJ Paul [ARTIST INTERVIEW]

chopping it up with dj paul [artist interview]

(DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia by Austin Friedline) Legendary hip-hop artist, pioneering producer and Academy Award winner DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia made his return to Summer Camp Music Festival on Sunday last August. As a huge hip-hop nerd who operates a hip-hop platform in his hometown of Champaign-Urbana, after a very long […]

Kool Mikell Drops His “Summer Camp Anthem” ft. Kris Myers, Willie Waldman & Tommy D

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Summer Camp super-security-specialist-slash-emcee, Kool Mikell (otherwise known simply as Mo) released his own “Summer Camp Anthem“! This track is a collaboration of all-star talent with Kris Myers featured on percussion, legendary trumpeter Willie Waldman on brass, plus iconic producer/engineer Tommy D with the bass. The founder of Summer Camp itself, Ian Goldberg credited as the […]

Sandman Slimm Releases the ‘Beautiful Chaos EP’ [ALBUM REVIEW]

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(image courtesy of Robert K. Multimedia) Four time Summer Camp Music Festival performer Sandman Slimm (of Trouble Chasin’), formerly known as Truth aka Trouble, released a brand new EP to close out 2020. With a new name and new sound Sandman gave us six tracks of hip-hop refreshments. Having followed him for several years now beginning […]

Camp Counselor Kyle Spends the Holidays with moe. [ALBUM REVIEW]


It goes without saying and there are no reminders needed that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years we have collectively experienced. However, even with all the darkness, I have found light and good in many things by slowing down and having a greater appreciation for the small things in my life. If […]

Manic Focus – Lost in a Digital World (Remixed) [Album Review]

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(Summer Camp 2017 image by Keith Griner) Last fall, Summer Camp Music Festival staple Manic Focus (aka JmaC) released his latest album Lost in a Digital World. The album contains twelve diverse tracks and artist features including Dominic Lalli, Russ Liquid and Chrishira Perrier (who can be found on GRiZ’s track My Friends and I […]

GRiZ – Chasing The Golden Hour, Pt. 3 [ALBUM REVIEW]

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(Image by Emerald Elements) A new GRiZ project is exactly what we needed as the summer winds down and drifts into autumn. During quarantine, G kept us afloat with some heavy bangers (literally – Bangerz [5]), house-y dance hit “Could U” and an epic hip-hop infused single in “Medusa” with Wreckno. There haven’t been any […]

Chase Baby Releases ‘The Dissociation EP’

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(image by Robert K. Recordings) Four time Summer Camp Music Festival (2016-2019) performer Chase Baby (of Trouble Chasin’) who is also on the ticket for Summer Camp 2021 just released what might be his most innovative project to date. Leaving behind traditional hip-hop production and shopping for beats, Chase took on an alternative route having […]

Lotus – Free Swim [Album Review]

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Hey all, Camp Counselor Eric here! Most album reviews post within days of the album releasing. Personally I need several sessions with an album to let it bake before I can fully grasp the quality and appreciate the piece for it’s entirety. After several sessions with the album over the past week or so I […]