GRiZ – Chasing The Golden Hour, Pt. 3 [ALBUM REVIEW]

(Image by Emerald Elements)

A new GRiZ project is exactly what we needed as the summer winds down and drifts into autumn. During quarantine, G kept us afloat with some heavy bangers (literally – Bangerz [5]), house-y dance hit “Could U” and an epic hip-hop infused single in “Medusa” with Wreckno. There haven’t been any live shows since we’ve been hunkered down, but thankfully we’ve been blessed with a few epic live streams to get us by in the short term. 

Chasing The Golden Hour, Pt. 3: A reassuring Grant calls out in the introduction for us to “Let go,” in order to free your mind and become one with the universe. “Know Time Like the Present” begins the journey, slowly spinning out into a comforting abyss while setting the mood and intentions for the rest of the mixtape.

It wouldn’t be a GRiZ release without an abundance of sexy smooth sax. Some of that magic can be found in “Gettin High, Havin Fun” or “Sweet” where G digs into his roots of funk and soul. Personally, I can’t stop dancing along with the relaxed 70’s groove of “Nights in Shibuya”. The carefully chosen and eclectic collection of feel-good beats with bouncy melodies such as “Won’t Be Gone Long” are the amalgamation of positivity and a life we all deserve to feel. 

(Album art by Dang Olsen)

The map and flow of GRiZ’s newest release vibes with just about anything. It’s the perfect summer road trip soundtrack, backdrop for laying in the park with your pup or chillin’ in the sun with friends feeling the breeze, walking through the woods or snuggled up next to the campfire – and gives us hope that there are better things to come. No matter the occasion (or lack thereof), it’ll be on repeat for me as we spin through October and into 2021 when we can once again reunite for Summer Camp Music Festival

Listen to Chasing The Golden Hour, Pt.3 HERE and find an extra track on Soundcloud!

Love, Camp Counselor Kayla