MAY 26 - 28, 2023


Manic Focus – Lost in a Digital World (Remixed) [Album Review]

(Summer Camp 2017 image by Keith Griner)

Last fall, Summer Camp Music Festival staple Manic Focus (aka JmaC) released his latest album Lost in a Digital World. The album contains twelve diverse tracks and artist features including Dominic Lalli, Russ Liquid and Chrishira Perrier (who can be found on GRiZ’s track My Friends and I Pt.3).
Now, fans get to listen to the album in an entirely re-imagined way. 
(Album Artwork by Logan Walden)
Manic Focus just unveiled the Lost in a Digital World (Remixed) album. For this adaptation, JmaC took the original tracks and then invited other musicians to add their own unique sounds and twists to the project (what kind of artist would be able to resist?).

This collection of remixes features the stylings of talented artists from across several different scenes including Bass Physics, Marvel Years and Project Aspect. Up-and-coming names to remember are Funkstatik and Recycled Funk who aptly bring more funk to the album while heavier bass sounds are served up on track’s like Kill Paris’ remix of “Never Grew Up” and MZG’s remix of “Some Days.” 
Manic Focus is a busy producer and performer that fans can usually look forward to catching on tour multiple times a year. However, COVID-19 has had a drastic impact on the music industry (particularly live music) and most tours have been put on hold until further notice…except for some artists who are finding creative (and COVID-compliant ways) to adapt to COVID-19 regulations.
Low-capacity drive-in shows and socially distanced concerts have been popping up more frequently over the last few months as local governments and event organizers continue to test and establish guidelines for hosting live events. Manic Focus put on a drive-in show with Big Gigantic earlier this year and just recently announced his return to Chicago’s Lakeshore Drive-In for a show with Mersiv on 10/29.

Tickets to the socially distanced events will naturally be extremely limited, so keep your eyes on the Manic Focus Facebook page for event details and related COVID compliance information. You can also catch Manic Focus live next spring at Summer Camp Music Festival 2021.  
Lost in A Digital World (Remixed) is available on most streaming platforms and we’d love for you to tell us which remix you vibed with the most in the comments! 
Wishin’ you all love,
Camp Counselor Ashlee