MAY 26 - 28, 2023


Kool Mikell Drops His “Summer Camp Anthem” ft. Kris Myers, Willie Waldman & Tommy D

Summer Camp super-security-specialist-slash-emcee, Kool Mikell (otherwise known simply as Mo) released his own Summer Camp Anthem! This track is a collaboration of all-star talent with Kris Myers featured on percussion, legendary trumpeter Willie Waldman on brass, plus iconic producer/engineer Tommy D with the bass. The founder of Summer Camp itself, Ian Goldberg credited as the executive producer. In case you missed the live performance debut on SCamp Sunday with the Willie Waldman Project in the Soulshine Tent this year you can now watch or listen from anywhere.
Mo tells us that, “This is the anthem to Summer Camp Music Festival. The sights and sounds can be described of just some of the many things you will see if you go.” This sounds about correct to me…
The track is available exclusively on Bandcamp for purchase, or watch on YouTube here:

Looking for the breakdown? Lyrics below:

YEAH- let’s get into it,
let the rap and the track be the main influence.
You’ve been waitin’ all week just to move your body,
welcome to Summer Camp rain or shine we party!

A whole lotta stages a whole lotta faces
a whole lotta funk comin’ out of all places.
What you know about dancin’ up in the woods?
night sky neon lights and the flavors good.

People stompin’ on the ground like they puttin’ out fire
on the track is MO, Willie, Tommy, Kris Myers.
We ain’t playin’ around we came to rock the place;
and we’re goin’ to the spot where they got the bass!

Empanadas gonna rock’ya if you got the taste.
You’ve been dancin’ a lot now your hot in the face.
Don’t stop at twelve o clock cause’ we got the space.
I’m on the flow and I’m MO and I’m not the brakes!


People everywhere and they’re feelin’ free.
People shakin’ hands they ain’t scared to speak.
So many things to do layin’ out in the Sun.
You wanna Hula Hoop? where you comin’ from?

Whether near or far no matter who you are,
in a tent or a car you see the moon and stars.
Get your groove on baby yeah lose control.
You can move on me lady yeah lose your soul.

I see Ian over there and he’s cool you know,
Africans Europeans international.
We be doin’ all things irrational.
What I’m sayin’ I’m ok’in’ and that you know.

This is Summer Camp kid yeah we get down,
memories of my keys in the lost n found.
I made a whole lotta friends at the festival.
“I”m’tma” tell’ya that it’s special and you betta’ go!!


The Summer Camp lineage and talent runs deep with Kool Mikell’s bloodline.

His daughter Klevah has performed at SCamp multiple times herself as a member of power-duo Mother Nature. Look for them making waves all year in the Chicagoland area as live music returns.
Klev and MO have an upcoming project, “Full Circle” slated for 2022 and are currently starting to raise funds for the travel and studio time to record in Los Angeles. You can contribute any amount to their GoFundMe to become a part of the creation. I already have my offer to fly out for some behind the scenes coverage and after a year with lockdown I wouldn’t mind skipping out on a few weeks of winter in Illinois. A lifetime in the making, the album will feature live instrumentation and production from icons within the hip-hop and broader music world. Expect a string of shows or tour to follow as they springboard off of the album across the country.

Many of you phreaks might remember Kool’s previous Summer Camp inspired song when he flexed his lyrical ability in 2017 with an Umphrey’s themed track. You can listen and watch that below:

You might see our buddy Mo hopping off of a golf cart to save the day, rocking the mic on stage or kicking rejection freestyles to people trying to sneak into the Red Barn at SumMOcamp. Whatever the scenario is be sure to give the man some love and respect, but most importantly give him some space to work! RESPECT THE VEST!! 
See you people in about 8 months… Stay safe. Almost home. Love you.
Camp Counselor Robert

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