Lotus – Free Swim [Album Review]

Hey all, Camp Counselor Eric here! Most album reviews post within days of the album releasing. Personally I need several sessions with an album to let it bake before I can fully grasp the quality and appreciate the piece for it’s entirety.

After several sessions with the album over the past week or so I am delightfully pleased with Free Swim. With the melodic familiar feeling sounds of past albums, to the odes woven in bringing to light the artists influences, Free swim will surely fit right into your playlists without feeling out of place at all. The album starts with a groovy dance track called Catacombs that surely will get your foot tapping regardless of the situation. The album track Free Swim also delivers an infectious melody that bleeds into a spacey psychedelic breakdown, then brings you right back to the light. While listening to the track Earl of Grey, I immediately get feels of music like Donny Benet or similar smooth sounds of the past.

I would love to ask the band exactly what their influences are but you can definitely hear them in many of the tracks on the album. Some of the sounds of the album seem to be pulled from somewhere in your mind where you know you’ve been before, but you can’t put your finger on it because all you can hear is Lotus in the front of it all. It’s an amazingly done, much needed trip to another time and space that we all could use right now. So crank up the speakers, wake up the neighbors, drown in our drinks while we push up the faders! Have a listen (and look) at this great full video of the album.