Chase Baby Releases ‘The Dissociation EP’

(image by Robert K. Recordings)
Four time Summer Camp Music Festival (2016-2019) performer Chase Baby (of Trouble Chasin’) who is also on the ticket for Summer Camp 2021 just released what might be his most innovative project to date. Leaving behind traditional hip-hop production and shopping for beats, Chase took on an alternative route having Larry Gates exclusively produce the album with live instrumentation to create four tracks of unique sound and a new space for self expression. “Murder”, “Lifelines” ft. AMS., “Sleep Paralysis” and “Turn the Page” paint an intimate, powerful and vulnerable image of an artist in transformation.
the dissociation ep
(album art by Boots Howard)
I asked Chase, Larry and AMS. to share their thoughts on the project..

From Chase Baby:

“The Dissociation EP is something I’ve always wanted to do, in regards to utilizing live instrumentation. Before I met Larry Gates, I never had the means to do so, nor did I have the fortitude to make it happen as it was such a foreign concept to me. Without him, this would not be a thing. I wrote this project fresh off of a self initiated sober lifestyle. I’d been self medicating my depression and anxiety since I was 14 and it was just time to face my demons with a clear (I wish) mind. So a lot of the content is me dealing with uncharted territories and not having the luxury of clouding my judgment to the point that I wasn’t aware of my traumas and issues. I dealt with sleep paralysis for the first time, insane nightmares, intense panic attacks and a giant bout of depression that I don’t think I would have seen the other side of if it wasn’t for my friends and family. A lot of it is coded or veiled, but songs like “Sleep Paralysis” and “Turn the Page” give a direct testimonial to what I was going thru.”

From Larry Gates (Curb Service):

“I was setting up my current studio “The Little Red Room” and was asking friends to come through to track something.. Anything to test my new setup. Chase showed up to record vocals for a track and he really liked the space. He asked me what it would take to work together and expressed that he was wanting to explore live instrumentation. He sent some instrumentals over for reference and I began to deconstruct those and then create my own versions. I brought in session drummers, DJ Belly jumped on for the final scratches, but the rest of the instrumentation was me. In he end, Chase delivered something so honest, so vulnerable. I know through our conversations that he was making some life changes and it really comes through on this collection of songs. I’m glad folks are finally getting a chance to hear it.”

From AMS. – The Nerd King:

“Chase is just one of those people. I’ve met and worked with a bunch of heads that have that bottomless work ethic; but often, they don’t have the versatility that fully matches those efforts. Over and over again, Chase has been that kind of musician. To have had the chance to watch him flourish as an artist has been a pleasure every time. Only to be superseded by the chance to work with him, and some close homies from my “generation” (shouts to Mr. Gates and DJ Belly) on this project.”

Chase Baby spent part of the 2020 Illinois quarantine by stamping his mark on the local scene once again by winning a $500 Verse4Verse Tournament back in May and has been on a mission ever since. Having just released the The Dissociation EP with two more projects on the way (including his much anticipated album The Blue Collar 2) he does not appear to be letting up anytime soon. Get in tune with one of the best songwriters to grace our stages over Memorial Day Weekend and make your way to the Trouble Chasin’ set at SCamp next year.
– Camp Counselor Robert
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