Camp Counselor Sasha Wraps with Mummy Cass [ARTIST INTERVIEW]

(Mummy Cass at Summer Camp by Tony Vasquez)

This is a video we couldn’t keep under wraps any longer. While all the members of Here Come the Mummies may remain anonymous, it’s no mystery this band knows how to get a crowd dancing. Camp Counselor Sasha (Grateful Gypsies) checks in with guitarist Mummy Cass for a few minutes before they took to the Moonshine Stage at SCamp20 with Camp Counselor Robert (Robert K. Multimedia) behind the lens. If you have never seen their video with PPPP directed by Jay Blakesberg click here for “King Kong“. Looking for a show in your area? Catch the undead funk this fall on their Reawakening tour!

Sasha Savinov – Interviewer
Robert Kjev – Video/Editor

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