Around The Campfire: lespecial feat. Kris Myers [VIDEO RELEASE]

(Luke Bemand of lespecial at Summer Camp by Tara Gracer)

Two-time Summer Camp artist lespecial has made a major impact on the jam scene with their heavy future groove sound. Spacey and bass-y, this band has the ability to bend genres to their needs combining hip-hop with progressive rock over a bed of electronic soundscapes, making for a unique, tantalizing set.. You like headbanging? lespecial. You like house music? lespecial. You like groovy tunes? lespecial. You like Umphrey’s McGee? Boom, Kris Myers. For the listener who wants it all, make sure to check out the Fall RepeaTOUR.

Kevin Schwartz – Director/Editor
Glenn Widdecombe – Camera
Bryce Peterson – Camera
Owen Benkowski – Audio

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