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How much is parking in the general admission lot (outside the festival grounds) for the weekend?

Parking is $30 for the general lot outside of the festival grounds

What is the difference between campgrounds and festival grounds?

There’s no difference. Once you enter the gate, you are within festival grounds and campgrounds. There are, however, set “camping areas,” and a difference between “camping areas” and “concert areas.” While you may bring outside food and beverages (no outside alcohol) into the grounds, you may not bring any outside food or beverages into the designated “concert areas.”

Are there assigned camping spots? Family, substance-free, safe, etc?

There are no assigned campgrounds other than VIP camping. There is an area designated for substance-free camping, which is open to families as well. For information regarding ADA needs, please visit our Accessibility Page.

What are the shower facilities?

We have indoor shower trailers with air conditioning and hot water. These are available for a small fee in General Camping. There are also showers in the VIP Campground, and those facilities are free for those campers with VIP credentials.

What are the bathroom facilities?

Air conditioned bathroom trailers with full-flushing toilets and rinse sinks are provided in the General Campground just north of the RV area near the showers. There are also porta potties dispersed throughout the festival grounds.

What time do bathrooms/showers close?

Porta potties never close. The bathroom & shower trailers close at 9pm in the general festival grounds, but bathrooms and shower trailers are open 24 hours in VIP for those campers with VIP credentials.Accordion Item

What do the bars offer?

Bars at the festival offer everything from soda & water, to draft beers, mixed drinks and specialty cocktails.

What kind of food is available?

Summer Camp offers over 25 varieties of food vendors, including fresh foods, pizzas, sandwiches, vegetables/fruits, breakfast foods (with coffee!) and much more.

What is allowed in the festival?


Please read our RV Guidelines HERE.
Can you camp next to your vehicle?

No vehicles are allowed in festival grounds unless you have an RV Camping Spot ticket. See Camping Rules for more info.

If my friends do not have VIP, but I do, can they camp with me?

Sorry, Charlie. You must have a VIP wristband/ticket to enter VIP campgrounds. Of course as a VIP you are welcome to camp in the general campground as well.

What’s the difference between RV and VIP?

In order to pull an RV into the festival grounds you must have an RV ticket. As there are a limited number of VIP Electric, GA Electric and GA Primitive Non-Electric spots available, we recommend you buy one of these in advance. The VIP RV Campgrounds are on the opposite side of the park from the GA RV Parking lot.

Do you have to purchase an RV spot if you purchased VIP but have an RV?

Yes. As mentioned above, you will need to purchase the VIP RV ticket. Everyone in the RV will need a 3-Day Pass and a VIP Upgrade in order to use the VIP RV Ticket.

Are generators allowed?

We do not allow generators in the GA camping area due to risk of noxious fumes having the potential to cause harm to attendees in nearby tents.

For the GA & VIP Primitive RV area it is allowed as long as it’s not too loud, has proper exhaust, and is personal sized. It also must be in your allowed space, not placed next to any tents camping, and can’t be expending exhaust into a neighboring campsite. Cords must not be a trip hazard. It is incumbent upon the patron to make sure the generator is not a nuisance to their neighbors. If it is determined to be so the patrons will be asked to shut it down.

What are discounted drinks in the VIP bar?

The VIP Bar serves discounted drinks to VIPs all weekend long. These discounts vary from day-to-day. In order to gain access into the VIP Bar, you must purchase a VIP Upgrade.


Red Barn Late Night page
Are late night sets the only sets some bands play?

Every band that plays at Summer Camp will play a general festival set open to every patron. Late night sets are IN ADDITION to all other sets.

Why are late night shows in the Red Barn ticketed?

Late Night shows in the Red Barn require an extra ticket because the Barn just isn’t that big, and there are additional costs associated with producing the Late Night shows (pay artists, stage, sound, lights, security, etc.).

Since not all patrons can attend these events, we think it’s only fair that those that get to experience them pay the extra costs rather than make everyone pay for it, and only allow some people in. Check out our Late Night tickets page for more information on late nights.

Why do the late night shows not happen on the Main Stages?

Local noise ordinances require that the main stage music end at 2am all three days of the festival.

Are all late nights ticketed?

No. Summer Camp offers a variety of Late Night options including performances on the Campfire stage, Soulshine Tent, and Starshine Stage.


Can I bring my dog, cat, hamster, or bird?

No pets of any kind are allowed on the festival grounds.

What kind of accessibility is available at Summer Camp?

Please see our Accessibility Info.

Will my car be searched when I enter the park? Will anything be searched?

Vehicles are not searched to enter the parking lot at Summer Camp. However, your items are searched as you enter the festival campgrounds. This includes RVs and cars entering the grounds with an RV Camping Spot tickets.

When is the earliest I can arrive on Thursday, Friday, or Sunday?

Gates open on Thursday at 12PM for Pre-Party ticket holders. Gates open at 12PM on Friday for 3-day pass holders. Gates open at 10AM on Sunday.

Can I come and go from Summer Camp as I please?

As long as your wristband is in place, you may leave and enter gates as you would like.

What time do gates open/close?

The gates are open 24 hours at Summer Camp once they open for the Thursday Pre-Party.


For ticketing questions about the 2020 postponement please go HERE
Do you have to purchase a 3-day pass AND a VIP ticket? At the same time?

The tickets do not have to be purchased together. However, you must have both a 3-day pass and a VIP upgrade in order to receive your VIP wristband at the gate.

Do you need a Pre-Party Pass/3-Day admission to get into Thur late night?

Yes. You must have both a Pre-Party Pass and a 3-Day GA Pass.

What does the Pre-Party pass get you?

The Pre-Party pass gets you early entry to the festival on Thursday at noon. This must be accompanied by a 3-day pass.

What age do children pay?

Children under six gain free admission to the festival. Children 6-12 years of age are half price, at the gate only.

Didn’t receive your ticket in the mail/email?

Please visit here for help. You can also call 1-800-514-ETIX or E-mail support@etix.com

How do I refund my ticket?

There are no refunds. The event is rain or shine. The purchaser and/or bearer of a Summer Camp Music Festival ticket understands that he/she is purchasing this ticket to the Summer Camp Music Festival and not a particular artist’s performance. The festival is outdoors and weather conditions will affect the performances of all entertainers, and there is a possibility that a particular performer may not be able to perform due to weather conditions. Thus, the purchaser and/or bearer of the ticket understands, acknowledges and will not expect a refund for the purchase of the ticket for any talent cancellations for any reason. Talent lineup and schedule are subject to change at any time.

What is the difference between each VIP package, parking?

The regular VIP package offers parking across from VIP camping, which is closer than the regular parking lot. VIP Deluxe and Super Deluxe get the front spots in this VIP parking area.

When will tickets increase in cost?

Each ticket increase can happen without notice, so purchase your tickets as soon as possible!

How do single day passes work?

Single day tickets in the past have been available for Sunday Only. Information regarding on-sale and pricing of these tickets will be available on our website.

How can I pay for my tickets if I don’t have a credit card?

At this time, tickets are only available in advance via etix.com to be purchased with a credit card. Cash may be used at the gate.

What if I already purchased a Pre-Party pass, but I want to upgrade to VIP?

VIP Upgrades include the Thursday Pre-Party Pass. We clearly state in multiple places that you should not purchase the Thursday Pre-Party pass if you are Upgrading to VIP. Refunds will not be given for Thursday Pre-Party passes. You can contact etix.com or call 1-800-514-ETIX


What’s the closest airport?
What is the closest hotel lodging?

Peoria is the closest town with hotels.


Is this a children’s summer camp?

Nope, this is a music festival featuring many bands across multiple stages, and three days of music. See our About page for more info. For children, we offer a Kid’s Camp.

How many stages, bands, shows?

180+ bands, seven stages, over three days of music.

What else happens besides music?

Other than music, Summer Camp offers the opportunity to Make a Difference, unique vending, kid-friendly activities, nonprofit outreach, art shows and sales, greening and humanities education, musician workshops, Field Day activities where teams compete in a variety of games and challenges, great food and much more.

Who do I reach out to for press info?

Contact marketing@jaytv.com for press information.

I want my band to play, who do I talk to?

Please visit our CONTACT PAGE and submit your band under “Booking”

Is there a ride service within the festival grounds?

Yes! More information will be shared closer to the festival!

Where can I get Summer Camp merchandise?

You can purchase Summer Camp merchandise at the festival in the merch tent. Some past Summer Camp merchandise can be purchased via our merchandise sales website here.

How can I apply for street team, green team, or volunteering?

To apply for street team or for more information, please visit  our street team page. To apply as a volunteer, please see our Volunteer page.

Is there WiFi?

There is no WiFi available at Summer Camp Music Festival.

What kind of accessibility is available at Summer Camp?

Please see our Accessibility info.

What COVID Guidelines are there?

Summer Camp Music Festival is in constant contact with local and state health authorities and are constantly monitoring the ever changing situation in regards to the health threats posed by the Covid 19 pandemic and the ever evolving policies mandated by the government authorities due to those threats. We will be implementing all necessary precautions to make sure Summer Camp will be a safe and fun event for all involved, or else we will again have to postpone the festival.


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Where may I direct other questions or suggestions not answered by this FAQ?

Please read this entire list before sending a question. If your question is not answered here, please complete our CONTACT FORM and select the appropriate question category from the drop-down menu.

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