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Top 5 Reasons You Would be Crazay to Miss Summer Camp

Sooo….the time has come and you’re deciding how you want to spend your sweltering, sexy summer months. You want maragaritas served to you in a disco hoodie with your shiz playing center stage right? Well who the hell doesn’t. Forget the hokey pokey, THAT’S what it’s all about! So, with all of the insane line-up… Read more »

Advanced 3-Day Ticket Price Extended!

Monday’s don’t always have to be a drag, so we decided to extend the Advanced 3-day ticket price through midnight CST tonight (Monday, March 4th). Get your tickets today and save some money before the prices goes up!

ChickenHeadFan’s 2012 Festival Season Review

Summer 2012 Festival season in review So what has ChickenHeadFan been up to since last Summer Camp Music Festival? Well, I was doing my normal thing, going to shows, taking pictures and videos to share with all of you. As we all know Summer Camp Music Festival is ChickenHeadFan’s true home! There is nothing he loves… Read more »

Dave’s 40th: Featuring Brendan and Jake – Rage In Socks

For some turning forty is a day for celebration and remembrance, Dave marked his fortieth trip around the sun by lighting the fuse to a powder keg and blasting down the hill in style. Dave arranged for both Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger from Umphrey’s McGee to play a special two-set acoustic show in his… Read more »

Umphrey’s McGee Political Debate 2012 Rages On

You may have been keeping tabs on the fiery 2012 political debates with Romney and Obama squaring off in a battle of health care reform, tax breaks for the rich and pure suit and tie debauchery on all fronts. However, on the sidelines an important battle in jamband land has slowly gained attention as percussionist… Read more »

Umphrey’s McGee and Railroad Earth at Red Rocks 9-14-12

After a lazy night with Railroad Earth at The Boulder Theater it was time for the main event with both RRE and Umphrey’s McGee showcasing their skills at Red Rocks. Seeing UM always reminds me of Summer Camp, and gets me excited for next year’s festival. CIT Tiffany was also in attendence at the show… Read more »

Monica Larson’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Louie “This is one of my (now) best friends Louie, he’s the person who single handedly made my summer camp 2012! Entering the festival we barely knew eachother and only really connected because we were both volunteers, since I was a volunteer the past few years I offered to help show him the ropes…. Read more »

Jordan Lesch’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Christian Hannon “After I graduated high school and left my hometown, I wouldn’t have imagined keeping in touch with Christian Hannon for years to come. We were teenagers set on different paths and fair-weather friends. We would see each other via mutual friends on weekends, occasionally exchanging conversations about electronic and improvisational music. I… Read more »

Summer Camp Veterans Umphrey’s McGee wrap-up anticipated Colorado run

After much anticipation throughout the year, Umphrey’s McGee just wrapped up an amazing weekend in Colorado with opener Railroad Earth. This past Friday evening, the boys convened at the holy grail of U.S. venues, Red Rocks Amphitheater, to bring the funk in the geological wonder that exists more than 6,000 feet above sea level. And… Read more »

Umphrey’s McGee streaming LIVE from Chicago TONIGHT!

Okay, okay…so you missed the last few shows because you were tired and hungover from a long night of Apples to Apples and PBRs or you just couldn’t wrangle up the $100 and a few days off work to get your booty on the dance floor. We can’t make ‘em all that’s for sure. Luckily,… Read more »