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A Musician’s Physician: An Interview with Dr. Charlie Kautz, DC.

Recently I got the opportunity to meet with a person who is an integral part of the music industry that often goes unnoticed. Dr. Charlie Kautz, DC., is a chiropractor who specializes in treating musicians before their performances. Dr. Charlie and I sat down and discussed his services. Me: Dr. Charlie, your website states that… Read more »

Umphrey’s 11th Annual Acoustic Holiday Show: A Benefit for the Kids!

Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger of Umphrey’s McGee will be showcasing some of their favorite holiday songs, along with some rare covers, and a handful of Umphrey’s originals on December 7th when they host their Annual Acoustic Holiday Show at the Park West in Chicago.  This benefit will raise funds for The People’s Music School, the only… Read more »

Umphrey’s McGee Halloween 2013 Mash-Up Review

  Halloween is a BIG weekend for the infamous Umphrey’s McGee.  These novelty shows usually follow a tradition of busting out a handful of debut covers in a variety of ways, including combining them together into one beastly monster called a ‘mash-up’.  I knew I couldn’t miss a single night of this year’s mash-up run, so I took… Read more »

Umphrey’s New Album: An Educated Prediction

Umphrey’s McGee has been in and out of the studio for the last couple months working on their newest album due out early next year.  This will be their first studio album since Death by Stereo.  Since then they have developed quite a few new tunes that truly encapsulate the essence of Umph.  There are also dozens of songs fans have fallen in love with over… Read more »

Sending Scamp Love to Colorado

The devastation caused by flooding in Colorado has effected many members of our Summer Camp community.  Nearly 2,000 homes are unlivable and hundreds of families lost everything.  Many are now forced to rebuild their lives and spirits with whatever wasn’t destroyed by waters that tore through their neighborhoods.  Being washed out of your home is… Read more »

STUMP Tour 2013: Indianapolis

Photo by Jake Plimack

Indianapolis holds a special place in Umphrey’s McGee history.  The band loves playing this city and they always have a great turnout from both fans and family.  STS9, on the other had, capitalized on an opportunity to expand their fan base on STUMP tour by infiltrating Umph territory and impressing everyone with a stellar performance in the midst of a… Read more »

STS9 and Umphrey’s McGee at Northerly Island

Let’s start at the beginning of this epic night.  After a weird Chicago summer of never being really that hot, until one point when it was insanely hot, we finally reached the best-ever-summer-weather.  Tribe and Umphrey’s played this Saturday at FirstMerit Pavilion (Northerly Island).  Fun fact for non-Chicagoans… Northerly Island is an island that used… Read more »

STUMP Tour 2013: Louisville, KY

My journey to the land of STUMP started with a four and a half hour drive from Chicago to Louisville, KY.  The last time I was in this beautiful city was when Umphrey’s McGee and Conspirator closed out an early fall tour at the Iroquois Amphitheater last September.  This time around Umph went bit more classy by booking in one of the swankiest venues in town and asking… Read more »

sUMmerfest recap: part 2. Umphrey’s McGee

What’s better than seeing Umphrey’s McGee at Summerfest? Seeing Umphrey’s McGee at Summerfest for free. Each day, Summerfest offers admission promotions, such as a canned food drive in exchange for a free ticket. On Tuesday, July 2nd, there was no promotion. Simply, admission was free for everybody from 12-3. So without thinking twice, I of… Read more »

Umphrey’s McGee Rocks the Church- Summer Camp Music Festival 2013

Summer Camp ‘Counselor in Training’ Tiffany Narron captures Umphrey’s McGee’s private VIP performance at Scamp’s one and only church, a true heart-melting, soul searching rawk-bawls time! Enjoy: Umphrey’s McGee Rocks the Church- Summer Camp Music Festival 2013