WATCH | Undercover Organism on The Campfire Stage – 5/24/18

This year, Summer Camp Music Festival welcomed back a winner of the Madison, WI stop of the Summer Camp Music Festival: On The Road Tour at High Noon Saloon, Undercover Organism battled their way into a Thursday set on The Campfire Stage at 3:00PM. Returning from their last Summer Camp performance in 2012, Undercover Organism has gone through lineup changes by adding a new guitarist just weeks before the festival, while still maintaining their signature sound that has built them a solid Wisconsin following in their nine years as a band! Undercover Organism and Camp Counselor Kevin both being from Milwaukee, WI put together this video of their performance:

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Can’t get enough of Undercover Organism? Tour info, music, and more is available on their website!

Audio provided by Kurtis Robinson.