Summer Camp: On The Road Tour 2018 Winners & Review

Summer Camp Music Festival is always known for bringing some HUGE names as headliners each year, but did you know they also go out of their way to get smaller, local groups on the lineup each year? Personally, I have always been super interested in the “little guys” on the bill, and luckily for people like myself, Summer Camp Music Festival hosts multiple stops of the On The Road Tour each year!

The Tour travels to various cities across the US where local bands play to win a set at Summer Camp Music Festival. For 2018, the contest had a whopping 17 winners that will be joining us at Three Sister’s Park this Memorial Day Weekend. Now dig in and find out what these artists are all about! Who knows? You may even find your new favorite band! Instead of taking my word for it, here are links and descriptions of each winner for you to check out yourself!


BayBanz – Lafayette Theater – Lafayette, IN
Set Time: Thursday 3:00 PM @ The Vibe Tent

Hailing from Indiana, BayBanz has been a life-long lover of music since first learning the piano at a young age. Since then producer Baylor Evans has shifted gear to electronic music production which can be seen in his vibrant mixes.


Culture Thief – 123 Pleasant Street – Morgantown, WV
Set Time: Thursday 2:30 PM @ The Camping Stage

Culture Thief has grown from their original lineup of two members to a five person lineup that pushes the boundaries of psychedelic rock. Experience their blend of soul searching rock for yourself at Summer Camp 2018.


Envy Alo – Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom – Denver, CO
Set Time: Thursday 4:00 PM @ The Camping Stage

Self described as “Boogaloo Fusion” Envy Alo came away with the win with their version of funk rock at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, CO. This power trio released this video of their track “Once” from another show at Cervantes. Get ready to groove.


The Royalists – Kenny’s Westside Pub – Peoria, IL
Set Time: Friday 12:30 PM @ The Camping Stage

Originating in East Peoria, IL, The Royalists have developed their own version of progressive rock they describe as Hair Swoop. Blending elements of math rock, jazz fusion, and metal, this high energy trio will be joining us at Summer Camp 2018! Here is a clip from their winning set:


Brother Francis & The Soultones – 2720 Cherokee – St. Louis, MO
Set Time: Thursday 7:00PM @ The Camping Stage

Bringing their blend of soul rock to 2720 Cherokee in St. Louis, Brother Francis & The Soultones won a spot at Summer Camp 2018. Remember to shine your dancing shoes for Summer Camp. You’re definitely gonna need them for their set!


You Know – 2720 Cherokee – St. Louis, MO
Set Time: Thursday 4:30 PM @ The Vibe Tent

Do you know You Know? This DJ duo brought home the win at 2720 Cherokee with their heavy beats. Dabbling in multiple genres, this electronic group is ready to make you dance. Make sure to check out their set at Summer Camp Music Festival 2018!


Dr. Dometone – River Music Experience – Davenport, IA
Set Time: Friday 12:00 PM @ The Campfire Stage

Who called the doctor? Dr. Dometone, the winner of the Davenport, IA stop of the On The Road Tour describes themselves as Progressive Groove Rock. Make sure you get your prescription filled by the Doctor this year at Summer Camp.


6 Odd Rats– Iowa City Yacht Club – Iowa City, IA
Set Time: Friday 11:00 AM @ The Camping Stage

Blues-driven rockers 6 Odd Rats took home the win at Iowa City Yacht club. Look forward to seeing these rodents rage this summer at SCamp 2018. You will fall in love with their soul stirring vocals and instrumentals!


Spyscraper – The Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO
Set Time: Thursday 1:00 PM @ The Camping Stage

Featuring a dynamic blend of electronic and instrumental music, Spyscraper from Boulder, CO will be joining us at Summer Camp 2018. Aptly described as “guaranteed to bring the funk,” Spyscraper is sure to keep you dancing this summer at Three Sister’s Park this Memorial Day Weekend!


Undercover Organism – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI
Set Time: Thursday 3:00 PM @ The Campfire Stage

I might be biased being from the same city, but Undercover Organism is sure to please this year with their blend of hard-hitting Jamtronica music. Having won the On The Road Tour back in 2014, Undercover Organism has gone through multiple band member changes, but still manage to stay true to their goal of producing intricate live electronic jam fusion. Don’t miss their set at Summer Camp 2018!


PronToh – Woodland Tavern – Columbus, OH
Set Time: Thursday 1:30 PM @ The Campfire Stag

Sure to turn the heat up this summer at Three Sister’s Park, PronToh packs the stage with a seven piece band. Make sure to stop by and get funky with the winner of the Woodland Tavern stop of the On The Road Tour!


Audiodacity – The Mousetrap – Indianapolis, IN
Set Time: Thursday 5:00 PM @ The Starshine Stage

Hailing from Indianapolis, Audioacity is a newcomer to Summer Camp this year. Originally formed in 2011, this band has finely polished their catchy funk feel. They are the perfect band to lose your mind to at Three Sister’s Park!


MiSTA FiSHA – Hangar 9 – Carbondale, IL
Set Time: Thursday 2:00 PM @ The Starshine Stage

Up and coming hip-hop act MiSTA FiSHA brings his lyrical flow to Summer Camp after winning the On The Road Tour stop at Hangar 9 in Carbondale, IL. Catch them at 2PM Thursday live and direct from the Starshine Stage!


PhanieRae & The Soul Shakers – The Canopy Club – Urbana, IL
Set Time: Thursday 4:30 PM @ The Campfire Stage

Get your fanny ready for some shaking this year for PhanieRae & The Soul Shakers! If you are into powerful leading female vocals and sultry grooves, PhanieRae & The Soul Shakers is definitely the band for you!


Catdaddy’s Funky Fuzz-Bunker Band – Rose Music Hall – Columbia, MO
Set Time: Thursday 6:00 PM @ The Campfire Stage

Any band that experiments with world instruments like to didgeridoo is worth checking out in my opinion! Catdaddy’s Funky Fuzz-Bunker Band is known to do just that by using different unique sounds to blend into their funk, jazz, and blues roots. Make sure to check out these winners from Rose Music Hall at SCamp18!


WICYC – Cubby Bear Wrigleyville (Night 1) – Chicago, IL
Set Time: Thursday 5:30 PM @ The Camping Stage

The Cubby Bear was host to two nights of On The Road Tour festivities! Six piece jam-rock band WICYC took home the prize on the first night and will join us at Summer Camp Music Festival 2018. Catch them at 5:30 PM at the Camping Stage!


Bronson Rock Cubby Bear – Wrigleyville (Night 2) – Chicago, IL
Set Time: Thursday 3:30 PM @ The Starshine Stage

Last but not least, Bronson Rock emerged victorious from the final On The Road Tour stop on Night 2 at the Cubby Bear! This 4 piece progressive rock’n’roll powerhouse draws influence from a lot of popular bands such as Pink Floyd and Umphrey’s Mcgee. Make sure to proceed with caution as their sets are known to melt faces.