MAY 26 - 28, 2023


Stay Safe, and Stay Healthy SCampers

Please see the full written statement below:
It’s been a long two years, SCampers. We haven’t been away from you all this long since it all began back in 2001 (wow).
While we are lucky enough to finally get back to Three Sisters Park, the recent Coronavirus related reports have been concerning. We all need to be conscientious of what we can do to make sure we keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. With small efforts taken by each one of YOU, we can help keep everyone more safe and healthy during our time together.
Getting VACCINATED is the best step that you can take to curb the coronavirus pandemic. We encourage all Summer Camp patrons to be vaccinated. We have increased hand sanitizer stations, bathroom facilities, hand washing stations, and water fill stations in an effort to help you help each other. When you are unable to properly social distance within the festival, we highly recommend wearing a mask to keep yourself and the others around you safe. Being vaccinated AND wearing a mask when in close proximity to others is the best way you can show love and respect for our incredible Summer Camp family. We want you all to be healthy, safe, and enjoying your weekend above all else.
If you have tested positive or been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the 14 days leading up to the festival, we ask that you please stay home and take the time to care for yourself. Additionally, if you are displaying common symptoms of the virus, it would be best to sit this one out and join us next year in 2022.
As this is an ever evolving situation, we will continue to be in touch with local health and safety authorities and follow any current guidelines in place at time of the festival. YOU have the power to make a difference.
Let’s all work together to keep festivals, concerts, and each other in our minds as we practice these health and safety precautions. Thank you all.