Soulshine Tent

*Photo outside of the 2011 Summer Camp Soulshine Tent. Photo by Studio 601.

The Soulshine Tent, part of the Make a Difference family, brings you a daily dose of loving goodness to empower, inspire, and educate you with the tools for a sustainable world! Offering a series of hands on and interactive activities throughout the festival to show you the many ways you can Make a Difference, the tent is packed with alternatives to your general festival madness.

2015 Soulshine Activities and Participants

Permaculture Corner
Permaculture is the science of applied ecological design that explicitly supports the care of the earth, the care of people and redistributes surplus. It is fundamentally based in abundance. Through working with nature, rather than against, permaculture allows us to creatively redesign our environment and behaviors in a world of less energy and resource needs by building individual and community sovereignty. It is also really fun! Come join the Permaculture Corner as we demonstrate aquaponics systems, companion planting, cob building, compost techniques, and host workshops where you can get down and dirty. There will be experts on hand throughout the weekend ready to answer any questions and help you plan your garden space when you get back home!

relaxSonic pilots The Sonic Portal, a psychedelic UFO style entertainment complex where audience members lounge inside while our crew perform around them 360 degrees. The sound chamber houses a collection of gongs with a full spectrum of digital and acoustic instruments producing a remarkable one of a kind auditory experience. Once fans have entered the portal, our sonic sculptors shape the sound field by playing soothing light sequences. The result is a multitude of frequencies that dance throughout the participant’s body gently blanketing them in a symphony of deeply powerful and mesmerizing vibrations not only heard but felt by the audience.

Heading OM Yoga: Raise yOUR Vibration!
Daily | 10-11am | Soulshine Tent
Rejuvenate & connect with the cOMmunity at Camp! Start your day right, as we breathe, move, & cultivate the loving kindness vibe with Yoga. Heading OM Yoga returns to the Soulshine tent for it’s 7th year to get you balanced & flowing into your day. All are welcOMe! Some mats/blankets available, or bring your own. Yoga sessions are lead by Tamo of Heading OM Yoga, West Peoria, IL.
Heading OM Yoga

Michelle and Mike’s Hooping courses
Daily | 11-12pm | Soulshine Tent
We are at it again bringing you hoop workshops each day of Summer Camp this year! We’ve all been training hard since last year and have some great new material to share! With a combined effort of over 15 years of hoop experience and knowledge and our fourth year teaching at Summer Camp, you know you’re in great hands. Come learn, play and celebrate with us!
-Michelle, Mike and Mikey

Double Hooping (Fri)-Is one hoop just not enough for you anymore? Then come to this doubles workshop! We will go over basic off body hoop patterns and weaves as well as double hoop on body techniques. Extra hoops will be provided!

Advanced Hoop Tricks (Sat)– Ready to step up your hoop game? Then this workshop is perfect for you! We will discuss all sorts of advanced tricks, techniques and combos that will leave any audience amazed. Extra hoops will be provided!

Partner/Group Hooping (Sun)– Hooping is better with a friend! Bring one along or come solo and make some new ones! This workshop will go over all sorts of tricks and techniques for partner and group hooping. Some things that we’ll go over are partner weaves, tosses and tunneling. Extra hoops will be provided!

Live Art Gallery
The Live Art Gallery is back! Be sure to swing by the Soulshine Tent to check out the 3rd year of visual stimulation! Artists will be holding space in the tent each day and painting live to your favorite sets of music at the stages. This year’s Soulshine Live Art Gallery features the artists below:

Alicia Post
Alyssa Prince
Andrew Wagner
Ben Laskov
Brandon Lawwill
Brittnie Cagala
Indigo Greenleaf
Laura Atria
Steven Teller
Zachary Pennachi

Silent Auction
Take one of a kind art home and support your favorite Make a Difference non-profit partner at the same time! Check out the inaugural year of the Soulshine Live Art Gallerys’ Silent Auction. This year we will be boasting visual delights from Doors to Change featuring ER ( Instagram: @ERthink ). To participate in the the Silent Action place your bid on the correlating bid sheet for the art piece that you like the best! Be sure to check back all weekend between 11am – 7pm Thur, Fri, Sat. and 11am – 4pm on Sunday. If you garner the winning bid you choose which non-profit partner at Summer Camp Music Festival benefits from your donation!

Mack Glass
Mack Glass artists return to the Soulshine tent this year to demonstrate the ancient craft of glassblowing. Over the course of three days, artists will work to create a unique glass sculpture inspired by the spirit of Summer Camp and its Campers. So what will it be? Find out as you watch each artist build a portion of the sculpture before combining all the parts to create the final work.

Speakeasy Art Center
Our mission is to embrace the public by enriching the culture of our community through the arts; to encourage artists by providing a space to create and exhibit; and to nurture the artistic bent of youths and adults alike through mentorship, instruction & workshops. Located at 353 Court Street, the Speakeasy Art Center is an exciting new arts venue in the heart of Pekin’s downtown revitalization dedicated to fostering the arts throughout Central Illinois.

We will be hosting hands on painting and recycled art projects inside the Soulshine Tent. Stop by for some fun, hands on healing creations and conversations.