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Official Festival Name: Summer Camp Music Festival
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Official Festival Dates: August 20, 21 and 22 2021
*The pre-party takes place on the grounds on Thursday, August 19, 2021

Hashtag: #SCamp20

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Twitter: | @SummerCampFest
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2021 Logos

2021 Lineup Imagery 

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The Soulshine Experience (formerly Make a Difference)

At Summer Camp, we believe that music can bring people together to not only share an amazing weekend filled with experiences and new friends, but to also Make A Difference in our world.  Our goal is that festival attendees, both patrons and artists, not only leave having a great time, but also take something greater away with them – a new perspective, a new fact about an issue or a new cause to support, in short, some way in which they feel they can Make a Difference.

We invite your artist to join us in this endeavor! There are a few ways that artists can get involved and help us make The Soulshine Experience a huge success. We’ve listed some options below, however please note that we are also open to getting on board with causes the artists may feel passionate about, so feel free to hit us up with your ideas.

a) Soulshine Performance: create a one of a kind performance in our Soulshine Tent which is our dedicated Make a Difference performance space (think creative space, maybe an acoustic set or songs you wouldn’t normally perform for a regular show, etc) to support a nonprofit of your choosing. This is a great way to give back and offer your fans a special view of who your artist is, what your artists believes in.

b) Everyone Orchestra: this is a great opportunity for individual musicians to get involved in cases where the whole band may not be able. Everyone Orchestra is an all-star group that gets together to perform an improvisational music set to support our Make A Difference Treasure Hunt program every year.

c) Non Profit Partnership: an opportunity to partner with a nonprofit or cause in any other creative way (pie throwing contest, selfies with an artist, golf cart rides, lunch, etc).

If you find any of these intriguing and would like more information now, please email


Our Summer Camp Counselors are an elite group of seasoned SCampers who have been hand-selected to represent the festival and help communicate its spirit and initiatives to their fellow attendees and fans.

The Camp Counselors are the official Summer Camp bloggers at The Campfire, and assist in engaging and updating the Summer Camp community via social media. They are a great resource to help us promote your artists to our dedicated fanbase.

Please email Ian Strasser at to arrange interviews or discuss any promotional ideas.

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Thank You To Our Amazing Partners!

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