Make A Difference at Summer Camp. Treasure Hunt = Everyone Orchestra Ticket

Let’s Make A Difference this year at Scamp…let your SOULSHINE.[/caption] We are a mere 3 days away from raging with friends and some of your favorite bands. Let that sink into your collective craniums for a minute. Schedules are being filled out via Summer Camp Music Festival’s mobile app. Last second runs to general stores to secure camping equipment and the necessary items to make a grand totem that will make you stick out amongst the throngs of folks jammin to TAB come Sunday. In short…it’s about to be ON in Chillicothe and the weather is looking like it will be perfect. Mid 70’s no freak storms to make a mud pit near Moonshine. Tis gonna be epic… But you know something that most festival attendees miss out on simply because they are chilling at their camp site eating a banana (which is portable by the way)? The opportunity to see Everyone Orchestra featuring Victor Wooten, Al Schnier, Joel Cummins, Vinnie Amico,  Allie Kral, Mike Dillon, Roosevelt Collier, conductor Matt Butler and more. In order to make sure you aren’t turned away in what each year is a great performance at the Red Barn make sure to find your Treasure Hunt card on the back page of the program to earn your entry into this year’s very special Make a Difference Everyone Orchestra set! [caption id="attachment_13471" align="aligncenter" width="603"]Arrgh matey...get your booty in gear and do a few things to Make A'll be worth it's weight in gold come Sunday! Arrgh matey…get your booty in gear and do a few things to Make A Difference…it’ll be worth it’s weight in gold come Sunday![/caption] OFFICIAL WEBSITE It’s really easy. Participate in helping inform yourself about efforts to keep our planet healthy, participate in a yoga or hooping workshop, or simply bring an old cell phone to recycle. Then make sure a Make A Difference Staff member punches your card. 3 is the magic number to get your hot little hands on a sweet prize. Don’t be that person turned away Sunday…be the person that is in the know and spread the word to your fellow campers.   [caption id="attachment_12991" align="alignleft" width="150"]Catch Nick and Dave around SCamp '13 Catch Nick and Dave around SCamp ’13[/caption]]]>