Maddy O’Neal & Marvel Years “Don’t Stop” The Music [ARTIST INTERVIEW]

(Image from “Don’t Stop” Music Video by Blackbyrd

Festival season during a global pandemic was a little slower for some, but Maddy O’Neal and Marvel Years were two artists who kicked it into overdrive and played over 15 shows during the 2021 summer season only to be followed by a 20 show tour across the United States in fall. The two producers hit major cities and venues including Red Rocks, San Francisco, Denver, Portland, and Detroit, and finished with a New Year’s Eve show in Jacksonville, Florida. 

On a weekday during their tour, Camp Counselor Niki caught up with the two artists via Zoom to chat about their performance season, new music “Don’t Stop“, and merch. As close friends touring together, the duo had nothing short of good stories and fun memories to share. The pair also reminisced about their time at Summer Camp’s 20th Anniversary festival, the shenanigans it took to get there, and what the festival means to them. We’re proud to present this interview featuring Maddy O’ Neal and Cory Wythe of Marvel Years discussing all things Summer Camp. 

Summer Camp 2022 is just around the corner and we’re stoked that Maddy O’Neal is set to return to Chillicothe with the rest of us! Whether it’s your first SCamp or your twenty-first, make sure you have your tickets secure in advance! All festival tickets, VIP upgrades, and camping packages are on sale now. 

Niki Graham – Interview 
Robert Kjev – Editor 

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