Lights, Camera, Lasers: A Step Behind Front of House with Chandler Thomann [INTERVIEW]

(Image by Tara Gracer)

It takes a village to make a festival like Summer Camp Music Festival happen. From the artists who grace the stages to the event organizers who connect the dots, to the production teams that ensure the show goes on – there’s so much more than what meets the eye.

One of the people working behind the scenes to help make festivals like SCamp come to life is lighting designer, Chandler Thomann. Chandlit has made quite a name for himself in the industry since he first started working in stage production and laser wizardry in 2013. At #SCamp20, Chandler managed the lights and lasers for The Floozies, SunSquabi, Rezz, and Subtronics and supplied the lasers for GRiZ’s Sunday spectacular. You can also catch Chandler working his lasers and dropping jaws at the Moonshine stage at #SCamp22

Year after year, Chandler continues to step up his toys, tools, and production mastery and most recently launched a company called GT Lasers with a whole new roster of big bad lasers. In addition to designing lighting sets for festivals, Chandler also tours with The Floozies and SunSquabi and has worked with Beats Antique, Buku and Quixotic (just to name a few). Whether or not you’ve had a chance to meet Chandler and his infamous flamingo before, the odds are highly likely that you’ve already had your mind blown by one of his productions.

In the interview below, Camp Counselor Ashlee steals a moment of Chandler’s day to talk about lights, lasers, and a bit about what goes on front-of-house to make the magic happen. You can watch the full Camp Counselor playlist on YouTube HERE.

(shot and edited by Camp Counselor Robert)