Every year since 2011 Summer Camp has searched the country looking for a select few exceptional people to play a bigger role with, and at, the festival. We believe that Summer Camp Music Festival is like a sleep-away camp for adults, and it wouldn’t function without our Camp Counselors! Follow our team covering everything from the Summer Camp podcast to the #SpotASCamper promotion at The Campfire.

“The coolest job EVER at a music festival” 
The program is quite literally “the coolest job EVER at a music festival”, as dubbed by the program’s founder Holly Brinkman. Since starting with the first counselor, Nick Stock, the program has evolved into something that no one could have possibly imagined. It’s the brainchild of so many talented and diverse folks from all across the country. All of the counselors bring their own talents to the big stage; a group of amazing photographers, videographers, bloggers, vloggers, promoters, ambassadors and so much more!
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Camp Counselor Allyce (2021)
Allyce Carlson is a fresh new camp counselor who has been a die-hard SummerCamp fan for over a decade. She is a mom first always but aside from that she is also a booking agent and band manager. Her favorite Summer Camp acts include Umphrey’s McGee, moe., Keller Williams, Aqueous, Mungion, Cycles, Lespecial, Audiodacity, more not named and even more just waiting to be discovered. Rage. Rest. Repeat.

Camp Counselor Andrew (2022)
Andrew Howie attended his first festival in 2012 at Summer Camp. Not only did it open his mind and expand musical horizons, it introduced him to some of his favorite people and future life-long friends. Having attended fests from California to New York, there is something special about SCamp that keeps Andrew coming back to Three Sisters Park for more.

Camp Counselor Ashlee (2018)
Ashlee Czapla (aka Lady Lavendeer) grew up just a few hours away from Three Sisters Park in small town Lake Zurich, Illinois where her parents introduced her to live music and took her to her first festivals. After graduating from the University of Missouri, her marketing career took her from San Diego to Kansas City and finally to Denver. Regardless of where she’s living, distance never gets in the way of her coming back home for SCamp. (Assistant Program Coordinator)

Camp Counselor Brandon (2017)
Brandon Johnson is an Arkansas native based in Denver, Colorado. Passionate about showcasing expression through concert/festival photographic imagery. Summer Camp Festival is the best traditional festival in the country and he can’t wait to see how his favorite festival grows over the years to come!

Camp Counselor Bryce (2022)
Bryce Peterson is a talented photographer & videographer. His passion for his craft started at an early age by working for his local in-door skatepark, then continued those pursuits at the Madison Media Institute. Now, you can find him touring the Midwest with a wide variety of acts/performers from bluegrass & metal bands to stand-up comics. Outside of creating content he works for a tech start up and still spends most his free time skateboarding.

Camp Counselor Cat (2022)
Catherine Roth is a certified music addict, artist, and total fashion vibe. After attending her first Summer Camp in 2012, Cat has been on a dedicated mission of chasing her favorite bands and discovering new talents around the country. Combining her two loves of photography and live music, she bends light while the bands bend sound, creating beautiful images that capture the artists and fans in their purest moments. Catch Cat grooving her way stage to stage and vibing out in her custom festival outfits… she’ll probably ask to take your picture! 

Camp Counselor Derek (2014)
Derek Chamberlain has been to every camp. In the off season you can hear his cries echo through Three Sisters Park, “Get off my lawn!” Get to know him better on the Summer Camp podcast!

Camp Counselor Eric (2012)
Eric Richard‘s passion is capturing that one-of-a-kind festival vibe and once-in-a-lifetime music performances… and sharing them with you!

Camp Counselor Kayla (2016)
Kayla Woyak is a professional wedding and boudoir photographer from Milwaukee, WI.. At Summer Camp, you can usually find her dancing her heart out with glitter on her face, her camera on her back, and a taco in her hand. After her first time attending the festival and discovering some of her now-favorite artists in 2015, she hasn’t missed a year since! She’ll argue that the three best parts of the weekend are walking past a stage and discovering new music, experiencing once in a lifetime performances, and making best friends.

Camp Counselor Kevin (2015)
Kevin Schwartz is our video director at the Campfire Stage. Kevin is dedicated to capturing performance videos and providing sound for bands across the Midwest with a focus on local live music where he lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Camp Counselor Kyle (2013)
Kyle Hess is a music junkie from Buffalo, NY. In his free time when he’s not grooving at Summer Camp or any show he can dance his way into, you can catch him camping and enjoying nature.

Camp Counselor Nick (2011)

Nicholas Stock is the first Camp Counselor starting the journey way back in 2011. He’s been filming, writing and sharing his perspective with Summer Campers ever since. Nick is married to his incredibly understanding wife Amy; whom he met at a moe. show in Denver in 2009. They have a son, Charlie, who has only been to a moe. show in utero. He is a published writer and photographer, freelances as a camera operator with a main gig as as a video producer for professional disc golf. His beard is noticeable from afar so if you see him at Summer Camp, come say hi!

Camp Counselor Niki (2019)
Nicole Graham is a teacher by day, bass queen by night… living for live music as she vows to see as many shows as possible since 2015! Niki has a strong passion for festival fashion and as a Camp Counselor she has brought this passion to life with the creation and curation of “Glam Camp” at Summer Camp. GC brings a hair-braiding and glitter dusting station into the woods while learning about eco-conscious beauty trends. Look for Niki taking part in the Sunrise Kickball tradition that happens on Saturday morning or holding down social media coverage at SCamp-related shows all throughout the year. 

Camp Counselor Robert (2016)
Robert Kjev is a long time SCamper and a first time counselor. (Program Coordinator)

Camp Counselor Sasha (2017)
Sasha Savinov is an English-teaching, language-learning, jamband-following live music and travel junkie. He and his wife write about living abroad, long-term travel, and going on tour for his website and blog.
Camp Counselor Sydney (2021)
Sydney Schaefer is a SCamp fanatic that’s been coming since 2018 (that includes the virtual retrospective in 2020). Residing in St. Louis, MO. as a marketing coordinator and live music enthusiast, Syd has expanded her passions as a Camp Counselor by conducting artist interviews, promoting the festival on social media, hosting events and designing our Ultimate Guide. She still finds time to attend every single show that comes her way, rocking the rail and busting moves, from her favorites Twiddle, Dopapod, Big Gigantic, The Werks, The Infamous Stringdusters and Umphrey’s McGee. 

Camp Counselor Zach (2017)  
Zach Pirolli is a professional videographer, with a love for live music and has been attending shows since 10 years old. SCamp being his favorite festival for the last 5 years. Grateful to put two passions together and be part of this amazing community!

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