Frick Frack Blackjack at Summer Camp!

Looking for a Game? Step right up and try your luck at the Frick Frack Casino this year at Summer Camp. The stakes are up to you but there’s one catch, no money allowed. So what do you have? What will you bring to bet at our No Cash No Limit tables? We will have multiple barter based game tables as well as a slew of weird and wonderful stage performances. Consider this your advanced warning and open invitation to bring all of the weird, kooky, silly, and just plain odd items to our tables and we will find something to match.

We have everything under the sun that can make you laugh or gasp, smile or shout and we are always looking to make a deal. Our dealers are a mischievous sort and some have called us hustlers and smooth-talkers, but we aren’t after your money, we’re after your shoelaces. Think you have what it takes to beat us at our own game? Then step right up and let’s play.

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