MAY 26 - 28, 2023


Dave's Sunday Dusty Sunday

img 21951[/caption] Sunday brought with it even hotter temperatures as reluctantly the festival was on its final day. No sooner had I finally settled into camp life suddenly there was a realization to make this last one count. My crew broke out the icy pops and chilled in the shade listening to some Greensky Bluegrass on the Moonshine Stage.  This group is in rarified air in the bluegrass community and Sunday they played two scheduled shows. Keeping it in a bluegrass state of mind I hopped along to Sunshine stage for Devil Makes Three which surprised and impressed me as a first time listener. Then we headed over to Moonshine to catch a few songs off of Yonder Mountain and Tedeschi Trucks Band in the early evening time slots.  Loved the power behind TTB’s “Bound For Glory.” I couldn’t stay long as I was hunting around for my Summer Camp artist pals to interview and give a recap of the happenings and memories from their 2012 Summer Camp experience. Luckily, I was able to snag interviews with a great wealth of Summer Camp talent. Check out each one: Rock the Earth, Chicago Farmer, Matt Robinson and Mike Kaiz from Old Shoe, and an entire trifecta of Jaik Willis (JW part 2, JW part 3). [caption id="attachment_8380" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Walking the and low version."]img 2197[/caption] After a quick stop at the church to download my pictures and video blogs for your viewing pleasure I went back to Maria’s campsite in the woods where moe. and Greensky Bluegrass gathered to play her a special private show. My headlamp came in handy as they positioned me 5 feet in front of the band so they could see their instruments. An acoustic version of The Band classic “Up on Cripple Creek” was the highlight here in my opinion.  Or it may have been the intoxicated random walking through “Okay, Alright” and the band mockingly mimicking his movements in jest. [caption id="attachment_8385" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="PL stands for Pretty Lights for Sunday's Red Barn late night"]img 2208[/caption] After the woods disbanded I went back for more with a bit of Pretty Lights where a sea of rage sticks and glowing orbs bobbed and danced. A golf cart was taken over by six people who used it as if they were on Soul Train. I managed to squeeze out just in time to hear rumor of something crazy going down with Galactic at the Starshine Stage. Apparently, IndigoSun’s saxophone player threw down a monster solo during the set to thunderous applause. Good coming out party for those guys for sure. I caught up with Jason (aka Chickenheadfan) at Jane’s Addiction in the VIP section. It was great to hear some early 90s classic rock although some in the crowd with glow sticks were perplexed as a playful Perry poked fun at them.  The entire band stays in peak physical condition and the stage set up is pretty wild with four 20 ft hight female statues standing back to back while video of ladies writhing about plays on 10 ft video screens.  Jason and I shared stories of the weekend and how lucky we were to get the opportunity to meet and experience such a great event together. We both vowed that next year would be even better when we could have more time to party with our Counselor/CIT crew. As I sat in the grass near Moonshine reflecting on what we had accomplished a magical “moe.ment” happened when my friends Old Shoe had the video for their song “Take that Road” played in front of a few thousand fans as we waited for moe’s last set.  Natalie Wade did some great original work HERE and she and the band deserved the recognition for all their effort (check out the guitar solo special trippy effects at 1:39). After moe. gave real energy to the evening with their performance it seemed everyone made their way over to check out This Must Be the Band at Soulshine Tent. A few thousand people stuffed the tent to the point it was bustng at the seams from the heat that was collectively trapped inside. Talking Heads is the perfect way to unwind and I saw numerous Summer Camp artists wandering about the crowd partying with all the campers. “And She Was” and  “Cities” were highlights that rose the temperature a few degrees. We met up with FGC’s Janis Wallin to take in some Campfire Greensky Bluegrass to end the evening.  Popping into the Pretty Lights late night show it was like someone condensed the golf cart party earlier that evening into a small little ball.  Rage sticks must be some sort of dub step mating ritual…you know Darwinism and the boldest marked gents get all the birds.  “How ornate your stick good sir, now let’s raise it up and down in a celebratory motion.” img 2204 Earplugs inserted into their proper destinations I omitted from my sleep the sounds of non-stop VIP bar DJ’s spinning to 7am, and the constant brah’s yelling “WOOP, WOOP” from their tents before puking in the forest.  I appreciate them not wanting the liquor to go to waste but for the sake of not leaving your 20′ by 10′ canopy behind Monday morning stop the Jameson shots and for that matter DUB STOP.  One last post Summer Camp post for me before I must bid you adieu.  I’m going to keep Summer Camp fresh in your minds for next year by reporting killer shows I take in up in Chicago.  That deserves one of those brah’s “WOOP, WOOP’s!” [caption id="attachment_8388" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="Steve shows off his favorite t-shirt...about 30 yards from the "dub tent"."]img 2151[/caption]]]>