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Around The Campfire: Undercover Organism [VIDEO RELEASE]

(Image by Robert Kjev) Summer Camp is known for lineups filled with a consistent blend of jam and electronic music. So it makes no surprise that Undercover Organism, a jamtronica band from Milwaukee and two-time "On The Road" champs, returned to Three Sisters Park in 2021. From deep synth-fueled beats to soul-piercing guitar shreds, this four-piece band gives listeners of… more >>

Around The Campfire: Maggie Rose [VIDEO RELEASE]

(Image by Austin Friedline) The gifted Maggie Rose brings her amalgamation of rock and blues driven sound to the Campfire stage as Saturday turns to Saturnight at #SCamp20. This is Maggie’s debut performance with us and we were thrilled to have her! You can find MR touring the country with her new album, Have a Seat, this fall and winter.… more >>

Around The Campfire: Little Stranger [VIDEO RELEASE]

(Image by Kevin Schwartz) This Charleston based duo, Little Stranger, has done the unthinkable merging catchy indie lyrics with cool hip-hop beats. That may sound a little strange, like it probably shouldn't work, but Little Stranger have perfected melodic hip-hop to a T and look effortlessly cool doing so. They brought this fresh new sound in their debut to Summer… more >>

Maddy O’Neal & Marvel Years “Don’t Stop” The Music [ARTIST INTERVIEW]

(Image from "Don't Stop" Music Video by Blackbyrd)  Festival season during a global pandemic was a little slower for some, but Maddy O’Neal and Marvel Years were two artists who kicked it into overdrive and played over 15 shows during the 2021 summer season only to be followed by a 20 show tour across the United States in fall. The… more >>

Around The Campfire: Float Like A Buffalo [VIDEO RELEASE]

(Image from Tara Gracer) Float Like a Buffalo, a Colorado funk/rock/ska/jam band took to the Campfire Stage for the first time ever this year. Having won the Summer Camp On the Road's battle of the bands, they were supposed to play their first SCamp in  2020. Of course, things changed but this year they were finally able to make their… more >>