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Statik Releases 'Signal Theory' EP

Images and Video from Robert K. Recordings "Thank you friends and fans. It's been an incredible journey the past few years and I'm honored to share this project with you.  Super stoked on how 'Signal Theory' came out and the variety of style it brings to the table." -Statik Album Artwork from Chester Pink First year Summer Camp Music… more >>

Welcome New Camp Counselors, Cassidy & Sasha!

What originally attracted you to Summer Camp specifically, and music or festivals in general? C: I've always been a lover of live music. Undeniably, I was dragged to my first concert: Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken (he at least song some Prince songs). I was an indie-punker-reggae-rocker-funkadeeliac, a genre dabbler and scene scamper. To this day, I can say that… more >>

Introducing the Summer Camp Festival Podcast

Camp Counselor Derek leads you into the forest and behind-the-scenes of Summer Camp Music Festival in our very first podcast series! Get to know the festival and its origins, learn more about what you can expect this Memorial Day Weekend, and relive the most memorable past Summer Camp moments. Camp Counselor Derek will also be inviting a number of artists on… more >>

EP 1: Intro to Camp / Camp Counselor Nick

Camp counselor Derek takes you through the history of camp and what to expect at the Summer Camp Music Festival held annually over Memorial Day Weekend at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, IL. The first camp counselor, Nicholas Stock, talks about his experience as a counselor, the evolution of the festival, and a secret moe. set at his campsite. Jam… more >>