Around The Campfire: Doom Flamingo [VIDEO RELEASE]

(Kanika Moore at Summer Camp by Jay Strausser)

Out of Charleston, South Carolina is the genre-melding six-piece Doom Flamingo consisting of friends turned bandmates: bassist Ryan Stasik of Umphrey’s McGee, Kanika Moore with out-of-this-world vocals, Ross Bogan on keys and vocals, Thomas Kenney on guitar, Mike Quinn on Sax, keys, and vocals, and Stuart White on drums.  The dark and groovy Doom Flamingo squeezed in a whopping 3 sets as a full band with an additional pop-up 3 piece set at The Founders Stage at the VIP lounge at SCamp20. This brings their impressive set ratio to six in two years, having played two sets their debut year, 2019. With a sound like theirs and stats like that, there’s absolutely no reason to miss the electric Doom Flamingo at Summer Camp Music Festival! 


Kevin Schwartz – Director/Editor
Glenn Widdecombe – Camera
Bryce Peterson – Camera
Owen Benkowski – Camera
Matt Zutell (Coast Records) – Audio

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