Camp Counselor Sasha's SCamp18 Video Recap

What’s up, SCampers?! I hope you guys are enjoying a summer full of fun and music wherever you are. I’m here in sunny (and scorching hot) Puerto Vallarta, counting down the weeks until we head to upstate New York for Phish’s Curveball festival. That’s the only other festival we’re hitting this summer other then #SCamp, so we’re pretty excited for it. Speaking of Summer Camp, some of you may have read my recap post from this year’s edition. Go back and check that out in case you missed it!

Today, I wanted to share my recap video with you beautiful people. Sorting through the hour and a half or so of footage I had brought back some great memories. I’ve been to Summer Camp Music Festival seven times now, and I think this year was the best one yet! It’s not easy editing so much video down to just a few minutes, but I think I did a decent job showing some of the highlights from the amazing weekend we all had at Three Sisters Park. Enjoy!

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