Camp Counselor Carmel Gives 15 Reasons to go VIP at Summer Camp

VIP Upgrades available for purchase. SCampers who have gone VIP in years past rave about the experience – here are 15 of the reasons why!

1) Prime Parking

VIP Parking is included in your upgrade, and is located ridiculously close to VIP Camping, which means hauling in your gear is super easy and you will have more time and energy to rage your face off.

2) Your Thursday Pre-Party Is Included

For those who just can’t wait for Summer Camp’s official start on Friday, the Thursday Pre-Party will kick off the celebration a day early! Arrive on Thursday to claim the best camping spots, catch up with friends, and take in additional early performances from many of the artists who’ll be performing over the weekend. VIP Upgrades include access to the Thursday Pre-Party, so be sure to buy just one or the other!

3) Easy Breezy Entry

gear The line to get into Summer Camp is always shortest for VIPs. There are dedicated VIP entrances near the VIP Camping area, so things move quickly and efficiently. That means getting your gear to your campsite is fast and easier than a wook chick on Phish tour.

4) VIP Camping

Whether you prefer the woods or an open field, VIP Camping is the place to be at Three Sisters Park. It’s set up in close proximity to the Moonshine Stage, and you’ll have round-the-clock access to the the VIP Lounge and VIP Parking, meaning you’ll save your energy for getting down at shows all weekend. VIP Camping is also home to the VIP showers and bathrooms (see #7 and #8), meaning you’ll truly have everything you need just a feet away at all times.

5) Your Choice of GA Camping

Getting a VIP Upgrade doesn’t mean you’re required to camp in VIP Camping, and some SCampers choose to get the upgrade even though their crew is camping in GA. This is no problem, and can actually work to your advantage! When gates open, VIPs will be able to use their dedicated entrance to enter the park and pass through in to the GA Camping area. Many use this as an opportunity to head in quickly and set up in a favorite spot while everyone else navigates GA entry. And as long as you have your VIP Wrist Band, you can still access the VIP Lounge and Camping area, so it’s kind of like having the best of both worlds!

6) Summer Camp Swag

img_8949 Every VIP Upgrade includes a special VIP poster to help commemorate the amazing time you had at Summer Camp – you’ll basically take a piece of this special experience home with you! It’s a great conversation piece suitable for any room in your house.

7) VIP Showers

Festivals and camping can be dirty, but that doesn’t mean you have to be! VIP Showers are a major perk for most VIPs, because you don’t have to pay any extra beyond your VIP Upgrade. They are open 24-7 and cleaned regularly, but I still suggest bringing a pair of shower shoes.

8) Air-Conditioned Bathrooms

The smell and comfort of these fancy porta trailers all add up to one thing -relaxation. I don’t really feel the need to elaborate with this one.

9) VIP Viewing Areas

Both the Moonshine Stage and the Sunshine Stage boast a special VIP viewing area – there are even bleachers and raised viewing platforms so every VIP gets a chance to see the show. With all that extra space, VIPs are free to get down any way they see fit!

10) The VIP Bar

052214abbyfox_34 Located in the VIP Lounge, this bar is hands down the best bar at Summer Camp. With discounted drinks, mimosas in the morning, couches to relax on, and occasional bartending shifts from Summer Camp artists, this place really does make you feel like a VIP.

11) Special VIP Lounge Sets

Another perk of the VIP Lounge is the intimate stage that has hosted some pretty BIG name acts in previous years. From Keller Williams to Lettuce, this stage gives VIPs a rare opportunity to see their favorite Summer Camp artists up close and personal in a more intimate setting. VIP Lounge sets often go until the wee hours of the morning, so this is always a great option for SCampers looking for a late night throw-down.

12) The VIP Welcome Party

vip sign Every year there is a fabulous VIP Welcome Party in the VIP Lounge that includes free beer and the opportunity to get friendly with other VIPs. Festival organizers go out of their way to ensure this party is a special kickoff for guests – one year they even projected the NHL Playoffs for everyone’s viewing pleasure!

13) Activities With Summer Camp Artists

Throughout the weekend, special activities will take place just outside the VIP Lounge including games like bags, horseshoes, flippy cup and more. The best part about these activities? Many are hosted by some of your favorite artists! A schedule of special activities is included in the VIP Welcoming Package, and in the past has even included ping pong with Joel & Brendan of Umphrey’s McGee!

14) Guaranteed Tickets for Late Night Shows in the Red Barn

In all actuality, securing a ticket to a Late Night Show in the Red Barn is the biggest perk of a VIP Upgrade at Summer Camp. There is only so much capacity in the Red Barn, so tickets are extremely limited. There is a general on sale of tickets for shows, but those GA tickets go quickly and most people will get shut out. Luckily, each VIP Upgrade comes with a ticket to your choice of the Late Night Shows in the Red Barn, meaning there’s no chance you’ll miss out on these extra sets. Bonus tip – VIP Upgrades do get the first chance at these tickets, but once the Red Barn is sold out, it’s sold out and there will be no more tickets available – even for VIPs! If you’re planning on making the move, don’t sleep on this upgrade!

15) Upgrade Your Upgrade

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, you can always purchase a higher level of VIP Upgrade to secure additional tickets for the Late Night Shows in the Red Barn, merch like sweatshirts and t-shirts, and even a free case of beer! Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Rockstar VIP Upgrades are for those that enjoy the finer things in life and are willing to pay extra for an extra special festival experience. And for the true Umphreak out there, umVIP at Summer Camp allows for some very special Umphrey’s McGee perks, including a private church set on Saturday afternoon, followed by a picnic with band where you can mingle with the boys while enjoying complimentary food and beverages! See you in the VIP Lounge, everyone!
All photos in this post are credit Jason Kaczorowski Photography, Abby Fox Photo, and Phierce Photography.