Camp Counselor Allyce’s Chat with Jason Gregory of Audiodacity [ARTIST INTERVIEW]

(Jason Gregory of Audiodacity by Tony Vasquez)

It was so good to have the chance to talk with Jason Gregory of Audiodacity at Summer Camp Music Festival right before Lawrence took the stage in the VIP Lounge. This conversation is short and sweet but near and dear to my heart as Jason and I have known each other for almost a decade now. We were first introduced by my friend Miranda who was live painting during their show at The Mousetrap in Indianapolis so many years ago. We had seen each other at so many sets over the weekend (just like every other year), I made it to the Audiodacity set and it was fantastic- even Uncle Mike of Aqueous was up front enjoying the show. Pardon my gum chewing, I had a case of dusty mouth, and keep an eye out for Audiodacity’s new album “Wild Card,” coming soon!

Thanks for watching! See y’all real soon.

Mad Love, Camp Counselor Allyce

Allyce Carlson – Interview
Nicholas Stock – Video
Robert Kjev – Video/Editor

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