10 Commandments for Festing Properly

Camp Counselor Niki has put together a list of 10 Commandments for Festing Properly. Read up and prepare yourself for #SCamp19!



It’s probably the most important message that applies to all of us. Even half an hour of high-heat or activity can drain your body of the most vital nutrient you need to (… literally) survive. Bring a bottle for you and your friends before heading to the stage and don’t forget to fill up your refillable hydration pack or reusable bottle frequently!



We’ve all witnessed or seen it before… someone too hyped trying to start a fight, someone who’s hating a little too hard, or someone who’s legitimately control of their thoughts, feelings, and actions.  No one thinks it’s cool to be mean, disrespectful, or hateful. If you or someone around you can’t be peaceful, positive, and polite, remove yourself and carry on.

🛑 Pro tip: Stop and Walk Away. You’re saving face by taking the high road and a little respect and positivity goes a long way. If deep breaths, counting to 10, and a little kindness don’t work, then just walk away. There’s cool people and better things happening somewhere else.



Just because you’re camping for four days doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your body. Take showers frequently, wash your hands, scrub your feet, braid your hair back, and use your deodorant! Trench foot, head lice, warts, and urinary-infections are just some of the reasons you should take care of yourself out there, not to mention parasites, fevers, viruses, and legit plagues. Consider checking yourself (and your friends!) for ticks, irregular-looking bites, etc. Although I’ve never encountered any at SCamp, doesn’t mean they aren’t there now. And check yourself when you get home too! Some signs and symptoms may not appear for 3-10 days, so note any changes and see a doctor with any questions or concerns!


Pro tip: Use mosquito repellant! If the heavy bass music doesn’t repel the bugs like you’d hoped, lavender oil is a natural insect-repellent and is more eco-conscious than sprays, candles, and foggers! 🆒💜



Apply sunscreen. 🧴 Wear sunglasses. 🕶 Put a wide-brimmed hat on. 👒🧢 A little shade for your face and eyes can prevent skin damage, eye damange, and keep you from overheating! To be as comfortable out there as possible, I recommend a Grassroots California Straw Hat, a Dri-Bear hat (which are water- and sweat-resistant!), or, if you wanna be super cool, the Official Festival Hats made by Grassroots! 🌱


🔥 Pro tip: Super hot out there? Dunk your hat to keep your head cool! Not only will it keep your body temperature down, it will help your hat fit to your head! And it’s a great way to stretch your hat if it’s a little snug.



You’re just fingertips away from checking the weather in Chillicothe, so do it, frequently! It’s 2019 and the boot game is popping! Get yourself a pair of rain boots or a second pair of shoes in case it’s muddy. A raincoat or trash bags (to make a poncho) is a game changer when it’s wet all weekend! Consider wearing your larger, heavier items while coming in or stowing some emergency gear in your car, trunk, backpack, etc. And don’t forget stakes! Wind can ruin tents and EZ-Ups in seconds, so take the extra precaution of securing camp before you leave to make sure it’s there when you return.

🧳 Pro tip: Keep as much off the ground as possible. Hanging rain flaps and tarps can save your site! Try hanging shoe racks in your tent and using storage bins to keep your items dry and safe while camping.



Do it. All of it! Sign up for a Field Day team. 💜 Walk through the Forest at night. 🎄 Check out Soulshine Tent to check out some incredible artists at work. 🎨 Go to the hands-on SOULPATCH permaculture workshop. 🌿 Wake up early to do Yoga and Step into a Hoop. 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ Head to Grassroots booth to get glam and meet some artists. 🌱Eat the all the Chorizo Bread and Empanadas you crave.  🍞🥟 Register to vote! ✔️


Every festival, show, and experience has been curated for your pleasure and you can’t go wrong by making the most of the sights and sounds! Plus, SCamp incentivizes your participation in all the festi-fun with entry to the Everyone Orchestra Make A Difference Celebration in the 🎪Red Barn🎪 on Sunday! You don’t need a “squad” to do any of this and you’ll have a much better experience staying busy on-site than getting too fried to leave your campsite.


⏰📕 Pro tip: Get a waterproof watch & a festival guide.With a map, full schedule of events, and the correct time at your fingertips, you literally can do anything and everything (and lead your pack to greatness!).



There is nothing more disheartening than leaving the site on Monday and looking at the pounds of waste left behind. From beers cans and food waste to tents, chairs, and baby wipes… it’s all litter. My rule of thumb? If you bring it in, you take it out, and the same rule applies at the stages. Don’t drop that beer can, bottle, or cup on the ground for a volunteer to pick up later; toss it in your bag and dispose of it on your way out. Do your part by cleaning up after yourself so the natural environment can better recover after you leave!


💡 Pro Tip: Set a system for trash, recycling, and compost at your own campsite, and communicate it with your group. Many festivals have trash, recycling, and compost programs in place for the masses, so doing this at your campsite helps! Hang a trash bag for trash, keep cardboard beer cases around for bottles and cans, and keep all your food scraps in a container to be composted as you leave. Don’t know what’s what? Check it out here and be sure to educate your camp and neighbors too!



Your phone died, you lost your wallet, someone stole your cash from your campsite. Eek. Rather than living like our ancient ancestors, get with the times and use the tech that’s designed for festie-fam and campers like you. Though cash is often king, most vendors will take a card and PayPal, Apple Pay, and BitCoin, are pretty great options for artists, too!  Keep a cardholder on you (or your phone) and try to leave excess cash/valuables locked up in your car!

Battery life preventing you from checking the schedule, recording your favorite song, or snapping that selfie with the artist you just ran into? SCamp has partnered with a reusable charging pack service called SWFTCharge. For $35, you have access to pre-charged battery packs that you can swap out as needed all weekend long. Just make sure to pack an extra set of charging cables!



While you’re only going to be gone for 3-5 days at a time, it feels like we have to pack an entire life with us while we camp under the sun, clouds, and sky. A fresh towel becomes a luxury and an actual pillow is a delightful treat after a long day of dancing.  While our Camping Festival Packing List is actually quite lengthy, we’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible for both your back and your brain. Tying your shoes to your backpack, and using your backpack as a pillow, are great pieces of advice for first time campers, but having a system for organization on-site is just as important! Tote Bins for storage and a hanging-shoe rack (like this or this) take your camp site to the next level! If you can camp with your car, we suggest you leave as much as possible inside, should the weather not cooperate


⚙️Pro Tip: A method to carry, pull, roll, or drag things to your site can be the biggest game changer of them all!Bins with wheels are great for storage, mobility, and seating, if you can fit one or two in your car! Some of our other favorite mobile solutions includes this Collapsable Utility Wagon or this sturdier, garden or muscle cart. But our all-time favorite wooked-out answer to your moving problems? A Rolling Garbage Can. It doubles as trash space too if you keep it well-lined! If you camp or fest frequently, it’s definitely worth the investment.



Being away from home around hundreds or thousands of new people can be overwhelming and stressful, but a friendly smile, high-five, or helping hand can change everyone’s experience dramatically. Offer a band-aid to that girl who scraped her knee, or share some Chex Mix with the mate who just rolled up with a case. High-five that tall guy who’s trying not to block shorter people’s view and give your friends a hug when you wake up each day. A little love goes a long way. In Griz’ name, #SLSL.


🤝 Pro Tip: Sharing is caring, especially with your neighbors! Nothing beats meeting a new crew who you can trust on-site. Not only can y’all look out for each other’s campsites and friends, the more people you know locally, the more fun you’ll have! Make the first move to meet your neighbors by introducing yourself and your whole squad when you first roll up so you set a positive, supportive tone from the start!