Jessica Meets Umphrey's McGee!

summercamp volunteer
Hey Summer Campers!

So my best volunteer memory is from 2010 my first year at camp. For my first shift my friend and I were assigned to hang out by the red barn and check people’s passes as they came into the barn. I sat there for an hour or so and then I see some familiar faces rolling up on golf carts. It was Umphrey’s McGee!!! I was in awe because they are my favorite band and I could hardly speak to them. I told them how much their music meant to me and how much I appreciate them. I didn’t have my camera but I will never forget meeting them.

I love Summer Camp and all the positivity that engulfs the campgrounds. I have been the past 3 years and will not miss camp for anything. My best memory from 2011 was dancing on stage behind Girl Talk it was sooo much fun. Last year I won a freaking golden ticket and I won tickets to see Brain Damaged Eggmen in the red barn from technaflora. Summer Camp has been so good to me and it feels great to volunteer and give a little back to the festival that just keeps giving to me.

Happy camping freaky people! ūüôā Stop and say hi this summer! Can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces soon ūüôā UMPHLOVE