Go to Summer Camp in style with VIP Glam Camping Packages by ConTENTment Camping! Your luxury campsite will be fully set up and ready for you upon your arrival to the festival.

Rules & Info:

  • Patrons will need to have a 3-Day Pass and VIP Upgrade in addition to these ConTENTment Camping package upgrades.
  • The ConTENTment Camping area is only offered in the VIP area. All ConTENTment Campsites will be located in the field next to the VIP Game Field & Lounge area.
  • Contentment Camping will set up & take down all the equipment listed in each package, you just need to show up ready to party!
  • Each campsite will have one 20-amp electrical outlet via extension cord run to each tent.
  • Each campsite will be allowed one electrical service call free of charge and for any additional electrical service calls you will be charged $50 per call.
  • No outside air conditioning or heating units will be allowed in the ConTENTment Camping area.
  • All ConTENTment Camping patrons will be given a special pass that is needed to access the ConTENTment Camping area.
  • All belongings must stay within your designated campsite.
  • All camping spots are assigned at the time of move-in. If you are traveling in a group, please do your best to show up together.
  • We are not responsible for damage or theft to personal property placed in the ConTENTment Camping Area. It is your responsibility to secure your belongings to keep them safe-guarded from fire, damage, or theft.
  • There will be ONE designated parking spot next to the ConTENTment campground per campsite. Additional parking spots will be available in the regular VIP lot. All attending Summer Camp will be required to park in the proper areas.
  • Each ConTENTment Camping package comes with one 10×20 parking space for 1 regular sized vehicle located next to the ConTENTment Camping area, no tent camping is allowed in the ConTENTment car parking area.  
  • All ConTENTment Camping spots will be sold in advance.
  • NO RVs will be allowed in the ConTENTment camping or parking area
  • No outside alcoholic beverages of any kind may be brought into the festival and/or camping grounds. There will be alcoholic beverages available to purchase inside the festival and camping area.
  • Violators may be asked to leave (without any refund) and prohibited beverages will be confiscated.
  • Prior to entry on the grounds, all campers agree to a search of their vehicles, backpacks, coolers, etc.
  • No lighter fluid or charcoal that would have an open flame is allowed (small grills using small propane tanks only)
  • No pets may be brought into the festival and/or camping grounds. Violators will be asked to leave (without any refund).