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VIP RV ELECTRIC TICKET PURCHASERS: You MUST have a valid VIP Upgrade in order to purchase and use the VIP RV ELECTRIC Parking Ticket. Your VIP RV ELECTRIC Parking Ticket is not valid unless everyone camping in the RV has purchased both the 3 Day pass & VIP Upgrade.

Please read the RV Guidelines.

IMPORTANT: You will need a 3-Day general admission pass in order to purchase Pre-Party Passes, VIP Upgrades, RV Passes, or Late-Night Tickets. Purchase a 3-Day general admission pass here.




  • Located adjacent to Starshine Stage, see the “Primitive RV Camping” area on the festival map
  • No Electricity
  • No Water Hookups

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Total including facility and service fees: $154.80

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25ft Electric

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Please read the RV Guidelines.

All spots are sold & reserved for RV, camper & travel-trailer style camping. No personal vehicles are allowed in the RV area spaces; Example: NO vans SUV, cars, or U-Haul style vehicles will be allowed to park in these spots reserved for RV camping. An RV is defined as any vehicle larger either in length, width or height than a normal sixteen (16) passenger van. All over-sized vehicles, campers that are towed and buses are considered RV’s

All electric RV spots are allotted 20 amp service. All electrical RV campers are expected to provide their own electrical cord to reach from RV to power box. This cord must be 100’ outdoor cord, rated 10/2 with ground to insure no power problems. Smaller cords with different ratings may result in fire, power surges, or damage to electrical systems.