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Umphrey’s McGee is on FIRE!!!

The progressive rock gods of Umphrey’s Mcgee are on fire these days, wielding their finely tuned instruments as golden swords in the battle of jam band face melting show stoppers. Their infamous Summer Camp 2012 sets blazed the woods with their usual intricate and intensely woven jam-rock ballads, keeping both die-hard UM fans satisfied and… Read more »

Summer Camp 2012 Saturday – So Show Me Family

Day Three at Summer Camp also known as Field Day was one for the books. It is perhaps the most classic of SCamp lineups with the moe. and Umphrey’s McGee tag teaming the headline slots of the evening. But first it was time to get dirty. I got up and went through my morning routine,… Read more »

How to get your Head Right after Summer Camp Music Festival

Settling back into the day-to-day shenanigans after leaving a festival is difficult to wrap your head around. After caravaning to the woods to nestle into a tent city with hundreds of like-minded, music-loving gypsies and letting your guard down to kick it old school in the woods for a few days– life back at the… Read more »

Thank you for an amazing weekend!

Hey Campers, On behalf of the entire Summer Camp staff and crew, thank you for an amazing 12th year! The weather was perfect, the shows were epic, and all of your smiling faces truly made this year the best one yet! Want to stay connected and ready for Summer Camp 2013? 1. Connect with us… Read more »

And…Back to the Real World

Hello there fellow SCamper Dudes and Dudettes! So the best weekend of the year has come and gone. I can’t believe it – it feels like it was a dream. I honestly am in disbelief of everything that has happened. I am SO happy that I decided to enter the Camp Counselor Contest, it was… Read more »

Umphreys McGee SCMF 2012 Re-cap: Friday Night Set

Umphrey’s McGee, as you all very well know, is the one band that truly pulls my heart strings. Nothing compares to the musical poetry of  their jam-funk-rock ballads. Each song dips and wanes from a sweet, solid groove into a glorious guitar shredding metal rock ballad, leaving you yearning for just one more wild ride…. Read more »

Friday Madness

And it begins!! I just got done announcing moe. a few hours ago…it was amazing! After being here for so many years, getting the opportunity to meet THE band of Summer Camp was a dream come true. I was SO nervous but I didn’t trip or anything and it was so much fun. Everyone from… Read more »

Umphreys Rawked Glorious Face

  Me and Joel Cummins, keys player for Umphreys!! Ohhh, what a glorious time we’re having out here in the woods at Summer Camp! After three crazy days, three set of Umphreys & Moe, my heart is singing! I’m surrounded by hundreds of fun-loving, sexy people who have come to let their spirits soar in… Read more »