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Nothing pre- about that party: Thursday Review

The one thing that anyone should know about Summer Camp, is that it really starts on Thursday, not Friday.  This year was no exception. Things kicked off with a pretty insane windstorm.  If you were camped in the forest, you probably didn’t feel it, but anyone in open air certainly felt like they were in… Read more »

Advanced Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now!

Hey Campers, The wait is over! Advanced Early Bird tickets and Thursday Pre-Party passes to the 2012 Summer Camp Music Festival are on sale now! Only a limited number of Advanced Early Bird tickets will be available, so save some money and get yours ASAP. Once these sell out, Early Bird tickets will be available… Read more »

Wet Wednesday and Throwdown Thursday

So for future reference, maybe only for myself, don’t get there at 3 am on Thursday morning during a rainstorm and expect everything to go perfectly. The rain kind of sucked and getting stuck in the mud didn’t make for a really happy crew, but we got three hours of sleep in the car and… Read more »

Recap of Friday: Going with the Flow

I woke up on Friday totally ready for the actual festival to begin. Thursday was awesome but it was time for the heavy hitters. I headed to the barn to get cleaned up. One of the perks of total access was getting a shower every morning and believe me, this is a luxury I’m not… Read more »

Wednesday & Thursday Summer Camp Experience

For those of you who travel, I’m gonna be starting this Thursday blog with Wednesday. I think we finally got the car packed up and we got on the road around 7:30 mountain time. Coming to Chillicothe from Colorado, well, now that I think of it, coming to Chillicothe from anywhere is not the most… Read more »

Thursday Recap

You know I look forward to Summer Camp from the day it ends until the final day it comes. That’s why this year I left home on Wednesday night to cure the anticipation that burned inside me. After a 6 hour drive with my boyfriend and our buddy we finally arrived to the magnificent grounds… Read more »

Surviving the Road to Summer Camp

I flew into Chicago from San Francisco last night. It’s easy to forget how big most major cities are when you live in San Francisco – Chicago is huge! I met up with a gracious fellow activist I know in Chitown and was able to catch a good night’s sleep before being picked up around… Read more »

Summer Camp – Getting Settled

After flying into Chicago Tuesday night and driving down to my old homestead of the Quad Cities, Amy and I were picked up by some very dear friends and escorted the last leg to Chillicothe. We drove down Il 29 past militant looking State Patrol officers and a few unlucky souls who lost on their… Read more »