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Show Review: 2 Nights of Leftover Salmon with Bill Payne in Boulder


Leftover Salmon once again treated the Front Range to a pair of post-Thanksgiving shows. This run has become a yearly tradition from Salmonheads across the country. This time around they delighted their fans with the inclusion of Little Feat’s Bill Payne on keys. This was a wise choice. Throughout their storied career Salmon has played… Read more »

Who’s Tiffany from Asheville?

So, you voted for all of us wonky hipsters and nut-balls to get behind the scenes and bare all for Summer Camp TV essentially. You’re about to see us shakin’ our thang and running wild in the techno jungle with a camera in our face. So, to give you a little heads up about what… Read more »

Summer Camp On The Road: Fort Collins, Colorado

For the past few years Summer Camp has fostered an amazing opportunity for local bands. It’s a chance to perform at the festival, called the On The Road tour. It’s like the minor league of Summer Camp literally feeding the fest with fresh talent. It’s a prospect for bands who could get overlooked to make… Read more »