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Scampers Define “Facemelt”

“Facemelt” is a word commonly used at Summer Camp Music Festival but it seems most of the general public has no idea exactly what we are talking about.  As a Summer Camp CIT, I thought I might be able to shed a little light on the word’s meaning by asking fellow Summer Campers to define… Read more »

Sunday Funday

Sunday at Summer Camp was probably my busiest day of the weekend.  As a CIT, I had a plan to cover a ton of music at the fest along with highlighting the culture and community aspects of Camp.  When I woke up Sunday morning, I was a bit overwhelmed with all that was still left on my to do list.  I got… Read more »

Get it Right, Get it Tight- Dance Tips for you to Scamp By

Wuddup fellow Scampers! What a helluva journey the last few weeks have been! As one of your beloved Counselors in Training for this year’s delicious Summer Camp expedition, I welcome you to the madness! With only three grueling 24-hour sessions left until the horns, tu-tus, bag-slapping shenanigans begin, I invite you to let your inner… Read more »