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Sending Scamp Love to Colorado

The devastation caused by flooding in Colorado has effected many members of our Summer Camp community.  Nearly 2,000 homes are unlivable and hundreds of families lost everything.  Many are now forced to rebuild their lives and spirits with whatever wasn’t destroyed by waters that tore through their neighborhoods.  Being washed out of your home is… Read more »

STUMP Tour 2013: Indianapolis

Photo by Jake Plimack

Indianapolis holds a special place in Umphrey’s McGee history.  The band loves playing this city and they always have a great turnout from both fans and family.  STS9, on the other had, capitalized on an opportunity to expand their fan base on STUMP tour by infiltrating Umph territory and impressing everyone with a stellar performance in the midst of a… Read more »

STS9 and Umphrey’s McGee at Northerly Island

Let’s start at the beginning of this epic night.  After a weird Chicago summer of never being really that hot, until one point when it was insanely hot, we finally reached the best-ever-summer-weather.  Tribe and Umphrey’s played this Saturday at FirstMerit Pavilion (Northerly Island).  Fun fact for non-Chicagoans… Northerly Island is an island that used… Read more »

STUMP Tour 2013: Louisville, KY

My journey to the land of STUMP started with a four and a half hour drive from Chicago to Louisville, KY.  The last time I was in this beautiful city was when Umphrey’s McGee and Conspirator closed out an early fall tour at the Iroquois Amphitheater last September.  This time around Umph went bit more classy by booking in one of the swankiest venues in town and asking… Read more »

STS9 & Umphrey’s McGee Summer Tour Preview

  It’s been quite a while since Umphrey’s McGee and STS9 co-headlined a tour together.  These bands have changed a lot over the last 6 years in both music production and with their party boy lifestyles.  This evolutionary progress has created two mega beasts in the world of jambands and time has come for these titans to clash once more. Tribe and Umphrey’s will be kicking… Read more »

The Beginning

Friday is now in the books. The weather was sunny, the night was cold, and the people were alive on the first official day of Summer Camp. Overnight it seemed there was a spontaneous combustion of tents filling every single inch of real estate in the woods. Hippie traps were plentiful.   Seeing a band… Read more »

So much music, so little time!

Friday was way to much fun. Woke up with an early morning bite to eat. The birds were chirping, the sky was blue, and all I could think about was Moe playing at 2! So after we had made our way back to the campsite and i had a quick change of clothes we decided… Read more »

Thursday Recap

^ Roster McCabe So we’re just getting started here at Summer Camp and it’s already been better than I ever could have imagined. The process of checking in and setting up my tent took a few hours, with several trips back and forth between the car and campsite. Upon finishing all the preparation and organizing… Read more »

Thursday truly was a Party

Whoa! Thursday truly was a pre-party rager. Getting into Summer Camp was very smooth and everyone was clearly ready to party since the moment their cars entered the grounds. There was a nice mist flowing in when I first arrived in line, and it felt super refreshing and actually got me really pumped up! Every… Read more »