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Cornmeal and Magic Beans at The Aggie

Cornmeal decided to make yet another pilgrimage to the great state of Colorado before 2011 wound its way down the drain of life. They were doing a two night run hitting The Aggie and The Fox before gearing up for their December run on the east coast.  I got a chance to sit down with… Read more »

Kyle’s Brew Fest Chicago

Kyle Hollingsworth has a great relationship with Summer Camp. He came this year and along with Adam from Family Groove Company hosted a home brewing class on site. So it was interesting to have both on hand for this event. Having been to the first two Brew Fests hosted by Kyle Hollingsworth I knew I… Read more »

Leftover Salmon at the Ogden for Thanksgiving

It’s been quite some time since the Leftover Salmon’s full band peformed at Summer Camp in 2004. I was there that year I and remember it being one of the highligts of that particular lineup. However Vince Herman has a long history with the fest taking on MC duties in 2006. He did everything from introducing… Read more »

Sexfist aka The Henhouse Prowlers at The House of Blues Chicago

After a great night of music with the String Cheese Incident in Chicago we decided that we just hadn’t had enough. Mikey and I got dropped off at the House of Blues for Sexfist. Also known as the Henhouse Prowlers this group of bluegrass dynamos brought the heat to their SCI after show. The Henhouse… Read more »

A day of the life :)

A Day In Of The Life Well, a weekend actually.  My Umphrey’s Red Rocks and Blue experience actually began on Friday July 1st when I picked up some of my Chicago peeps from the Denver Airport.   It was great to have the Midwest peeps back with me again and the buzz of excitement that could… Read more »

Boombox at The Aggie 10-5-11

This one goes out to all those kids who wanted some more electronic coverage from Summer Camp. Obviously it’s not my genre of choice, but some of the bands can still hit close to the mark for me. I had listened to several tracks off of Boombox’s lastest album and was actually pretty excited to… Read more »

Dark Star Orchestra at The Aggie 10-7-11

Summer Camp always includes some sort of Dead Family Band in their lineup. Last year it was 7 Walkers but in 2009 that band was Dark Star Orchestra. So, Amy and I headed out to the Aggie to catch them. It was a nice night and the crowd was decent. Good people out for a… Read more »

EOTO in Burlington, Vermont 10/12/11

Burlington, VT has been on fire since the students have returned back to all of the colleges in the area.  There are a ton of amazing bands at the venues all over town each night that our biggest decision in life is what band to rock out to.  Life is very hard in Burlington:)  On… Read more »

Madison + EOTO = A Ragin Time

You know living where I live is pretty sweet. I only need to travel a few hours to get to all the best shows in towns like Milwaukee, Twin Cities, Chicago and of course Madison. A short 2 hour drive to Madison led me to The Majestic to see Colorado natives Michael Travis and Jason… Read more »