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Saturday @Scamp: Mo Mud Mo Better

So rain is not ideal for any festival.  This year the mud and rain put a bit of a damper on the Summer Camp vibe but the good news is that the music never stopped.  We all just put on our ponchos and rain boots and showed up to the sets we were looking forward… Read more »

Saturday at Summer Camp 2012 was HOT HOT HOT!

Saturdays are always some of the biggest days at Summer Camp. Almost everyone has had time to get to the festival and is out ready to rage in full force. Saturday was HOT! The mercury hit around 95 degrees but the bands were even hotter. I took the heat with chicken hat on and got… Read more »

Umphreys Rawked Glorious Face

  Me and Joel Cummins, keys player for Umphreys!! Ohhh, what a glorious time we’re having out here in the woods at Summer Camp! After three crazy days, three set of Umphreys & Moe, my heart is singing! I’m surrounded by hundreds of fun-loving, sexy people who have come to let their spirits soar in… Read more »