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Where did my Thursday go?

Its super early in the morning. You can smell the dew from the wet grass. Sounds of excitement is roaring everywhere. Summer Camp has officially started and people are pouring in! Entering early Thursday was a great time. We were running everywhere through the woods looking for a spot. hundreds of others were fighting for… Read more »

Summer Camp 2013: the Ultimate Packing List

If you’ve gone to Summer Camp (or any festival) before, you know there’s probably the person that’s a little too organized with the planning…. nice to meet you, that’s me.  But this year, I didn’t send out my usual spreadsheet of packing reminders and to-do’s to our campsite – which is all boys – and… Read more »

Thursday Build-up

Hola SCampers! So today my Summer Camp weekend has started and it’s been a whirlwind of activity. We picked out a great location and are still working to make it our home away from home for the weekend. It is so exciting to see the energy building up and people getting ready. It’s been windy but… Read more »

Thursday Pre-Party Wrap-up

Finally. The moment has arrived. We are all one in the mad land rush that’s eerily akin to the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889.  Chillicothe’s newly established settlers staked their claim as the gates opened on Summer Camp 2012 and a flood of wagons were corralled up hills and down. Wind swept plains and swaying… Read more »

Let The Shenanigans Begin!

Hey Campers! Summer Camp 2012 has officially begun! Gates opened for our Pre-Party at 10 am this morning and it has been a non-stop stream of people ever since! The music kicked off at 1pm and we won’t stop jamming until late into the night. For all of you Campers coming in tomorrow remember to travel… Read more »