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Summer Camp 2013: the Ultimate Packing List

If you’ve gone to Summer Camp (or any festival) before, you know there’s probably the person that’s a little too organized with the planning…. nice to meet you, that’s me.  But this year, I didn’t send out my usual spreadsheet of packing reminders and to-do’s to our campsite – which is all boys – and… Read more »

Pre Summer Camp Road Trippin Guide

For the uninitiated summer festival go-ers and seasoned veterans alike, one thing is certain once you have your golden tickets in hand. The excitement leading up to a music festival is palpable enough to make even the most “Type-A” dudette or broseph lose their rationale & logic when prepping for the adventure. Fear not my… Read more »

Start Packing Campers!!

Hey Campers, In 8 days, the Summer Camp Pre-Party will be in full effect! And that means, it’s time to get in gear and start packing. While we put our personal lists together, here are some essential items you shouldn’t leave home without. 1. Your ticket. If you haven’t grabbed yours yet, get one now!  2…. Read more »

Getting excited & some tips for first-timers, by CIT Abby

Every year, it seems like Summer Camp is so far away, and then these last few weeks fly by in no time.  Can you smell it?  It’s almost here!  Here are a few things I’m super excited for… The entire Campfire Stage line-up.  It is sick.  Chicago Farmer, Greensky Bluegrass, and then Hot Buttered Rum… Read more »