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Saturday at Camp: “A Born Again moe.ron”

One of the best things I got out of my first Summer Camp experience, was a rekindling my love for moe… Like many of you, I’ve been listening to moe. since high school and they were the band that really drew me into the jam scene. I still have my tattered blue hooded sweatshirt with… Read more »

Saturday at Camp

Ok so the thing that sucks about being up all night is the waking up late part. Man did that suck, but I am glad I had a meeting at 1:45 every day so I had a reason to wake up( besides the music of course). Not going to lie either, at this point in… Read more »

Recap of Friday: Going with the Flow

I woke up on Friday totally ready for the actual festival to begin. Thursday was awesome but it was time for the heavy hitters. I headed to the barn to get cleaned up. One of the perks of total access was getting a shower every morning and believe me, this is a luxury I’m not… Read more »

Summer Camp Friday Recap

With the help of my ear plugs I managed to sleep straight to about 11:15 in the morning…it was magical. I’d never slept that late at the festival before. Turns out I was up just in time to catch a little 56 Hope Road, a great band that has been around for years. I stopped… Read more »

Recap of Friday at Summer Camp

As you read in my previous blog I hadn’t gotten my suitcase with my tent, sleeping bag, feathers, sparkles or warm clothes, but because of the amazing community of Summer Camp I was completely taken care of. I feel so grateful I received the position of CIT and got to experience such a fabulous festival… Read more »

Friday Summer Camp Experience

Ahhh yes, the day was new, the mud was wet and no one was dragging ass. After a little R and R last night and a surprise visit from the fairies I knew I was ready to go. You see this was a good day for muah. I found out today that I was getting… Read more »

Summer Camp – Getting Settled

After flying into Chicago Tuesday night and driving down to my old homestead of the Quad Cities, Amy and I were picked up by some very dear friends and escorted the last leg to Chillicothe. We drove down Il 29 past militant looking State Patrol officers and a few unlucky souls who lost on their… Read more »

Confessions of a Summer Camp Virgin

I have a confession to make. I’ve never experienced the warm, exciting, and often wet beauty that is Summer Camp. It’s true. I’m a 26 year old, Summer Camp Virgin. To be clear, I’m a festival veteran, and Summer Camp has for years been a bleeping dot on my party radar – relentlessly calling to… Read more »