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Announcing Our 2014 Summer Camp Masquerade Troupe Winners

We’re excited to announce 10 winners in our 2014 Summer Camp Masquerade Troupe Contest! Join us in welcoming Ashley L, Haley C, Jacquie I, Evan D, Andrew L, Jennifer R, Eric Sipos, Ryan S, Lillie S, and Ray (Rager Rabbit) to the Troupe, and get familiar with their style by watching the playlist below! The… Read more »

Announcing The Summer Camp 2014 Masquerade Troupe Contest

Are flow arts your specialty? Is it your dream to showcase your talents at a music festival? Do you love Summer Camp Music Festival? If so, this is the contest for you! All you need to do to enter is specialize in flow arts (hoop, poi, staff, wands, gloves, etc.) and submit a 2-3 minute… Read more »