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Keller Williams at The Mish

Keller and The Keels at The Mishawaka So my good friends Sean and Cristi raced to get into town early for Phish so they could meet us before heading up to The Mishawaka. It was time for some old fashioned K-Dub goodness up the canyon. The second of his two-night stand featured not only Keller’s… Read more »

Tedeschi Trucks Band, Fort Collins, CO 8/10/11

The date was Saturday, August 10th. The place was Fort Collins, CO. And the show was the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Dear lord. If anyone can show me a better husband and wife guitar duo, I’ll buy you a late night ticket to SCAMP 2012…While Tedeschi Trucks was not the only act to play that night,… Read more »

Let Me Hear The Music

Ok folks, there are a few things that the state of Wisconsin is known for and they are the cheese curds, the beer, the Wisconsin Dells and Summer Fest. Summer fest is the biggest music festival in the US an it is held through the month of July in Milwaukee. The weather was perfect, the… Read more »

Trichome at The Mishawaka

The great thing about the Summer Camp Music Festival is that even if you don’t catch a band while you are at the show you can still take note and see them back home. This year Trichome killed it and got the opportunity to jam with Rob Derhak. I was busy running around with my… Read more »

Sirius XM are Making All My Dreams Come True

One of my life long goals is to tackle all forms of media so I can inspire people to live green, healthy and happy lives full of love, art and music. One outlet I’ve had my heart set on for a while is radio. The station I have been lusting after is Sirius XM Jam… Read more »

Natalie Fletcher’s Sunday Experience

Sunday, the technical last day of the fest and I feel like I didn’t get my fix. This was the day to go all out and enjoy everything for what it’s worth. But not today, we woke up to a rain/thunderstorm which sucked but was sweet at the same time. It’s really cool to be that close… Read more »