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Moe. in Burlington, VT with Taraleigh

Hey!  It’s your Summer Camp CIT Taraleigh here and I had a blast at Moe. in Burlington, VT.  Check out some of the photos my good friend Josh Talbert captured of the band.  They are sick!  I also caught some video of the band rocking out and my reaction to the show at set break…. Read more »

EOTO in Burlington, Vermont 10/12/11

Burlington, VT has been on fire since the students have returned back to all of the colleges in the area.  There are a ton of amazing bands at the venues all over town each night that our biggest decision in life is what band to rock out to.  Life is very hard in Burlington:)  On… Read more »

Taraleigh Weathers “All Roads Lead To Home”

Summer Camp was a total trip! From showing up without my luggage to realizing on Monday morning that we didn’t have a ride to Chicago O’Hare Airport you would think that my time at Summer Camp would have been challenging. It was actually the opposite. It might have something to do with my laid back attitude and my… Read more »