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Welcome to the New Summer Camp Web Site!

Hey Campers! We’re so excited to bring you the new and improved web site for the 2012 Summer Camp Music Festival! It’s set up a little differently from our past sites, so we hope you look around a little and explore all the new features and content. It will be your go-to place for everything… Read more »

Oh Dave You Dog You

I bet you are wondering who I am talking about when I say Dave…… well I am talking about the one and only Dave Matthews and I got my first Dave show ever at the Dave Matthews Caravan in Chicago and it was a Chicago experience to remember. Lets start with the waking up at… Read more »

Jeff Greenswag’s Sunday Experience

Sunday, the saddest day of the festival…the last one. Back to the real world, I suppose. But this Sunday would be a great one. It started off with a little breakfast, I think I got the vegan breakfast in a cup which had yogurt and granola and juice all blended together. Very good, very refreshing. Due to… Read more »

Everybody’s Dancing in a Ring Around the Sun

By Saturday Morning I was into my routine at Summer Camp 2011. I planned to rendezvous with my P-Town friends at Yoga around 10 AM This meant that I only got about five hours of rough sleep, which was intermittently, interrupted by the DJ at the next campsite. I will say that he played on… Read more »

Gotta Get Down on Friday

You must sleep in the forest, I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Every year that I have gone to Summer Camp I’ve somehow managed to have a camping spot in the woods (mostly I have awesome friends). Anyway if you sleep in the forest there is abundant shade and it stays cool and you can… Read more »

What’s Up Summer Camp?

This is Jeff Greenswag and I am honored to be your Summer Camp Counselor In Training. Over the next year, it’s gonna be my job to keep you all updated on what’s happening with artists from Summer Camp on tour (especially in Colorado), Summer Camp Field Day events taking place throughout the year and more…. Read more »