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Show Review: Lotus in Rochester, NY


You know that band that whenever you see them, they never let you down live? For me, Lotus is that act! I was able to catch Lotus bring the heat in Rochester, NY at the Water Street Music Hall on January 30th. I was extremely excited for this show as I haven’t seen them since… Read more »

Album Review: A Color Map of the Sun

Pretty Lights’ newest album, A Color Map of the Sun, just dropped and let me be the first to say that this is one high quality, groove pumping, tastefully produced record.  The progression of the album makes the listener feel like they are on a journey through the human condition, experiencing every emotion possible through their… Read more »

Reflecting on Scamp

After 4 days of some of the best music of my life, it has come to an end. Looking back, I had one of the best times of my life. Sure, the weather was nasty, but there’s nothing you can do to change that. I played football growing up and I learned real quick that… Read more »

Belly flops at dawn!

3 days down and only 1 more to go! Heres a little recap for Saturday. Because I live so close to the festival, when I woke up, my girlfriend and I went to our house to shower and get some good eats before making our way back to Three Sisters. When we got back, we… Read more »

Fare thee Well

Sunday is finally here after Saturday’s bitter cold rain. A majority of my time was spent inside my tent or the Vibe tent. There is a top layer of slop for about 6 inches on every trail in here but spirits are still high. The more serious of the wookie’s are still rolling with a… Read more »

The Beginning

Friday is now in the books. The weather was sunny, the night was cold, and the people were alive on the first official day of Summer Camp. Overnight it seemed there was a spontaneous combustion of tents filling every single inch of real estate in the woods. Hippie traps were plentiful.   Seeing a band… Read more »

My 2013 Scamp Overture

Salutations! I am PUMPED to kick off my festival season with all you beautiful people at Summer Camp 2013!  For my very first blog post ever, I am going to share my thoughts on this year’s ridiculous lineup…..Thursday’s pre-party contains some of my favorite up-and-coming acts.  I love the nerdy electronic energy of Digital Tape Machine and Future Rock always has the best dance… Read more »

R.I.P. Scamp Neighborino

Sorry I haven’t been on here in some months. I had some pretty big things going on in my life. But besides that, I just wanted to take a moment and remember a great Summer Camp neighbor Jay, in which my friend Joe, my man Adam, our friends, and I got to know at Summer Camp 2012… Read more »

Particle performs 80’s Flashback with EarPhunk

My general aversion to electronic music is well known. Although I have enjoyed a few forays into the genre at Summer Camp last year my general reaction is not usually positive. However, I’ve seen some electronic groups that play organically, as a unit, and the music is more textural than dubstep. These are the types… Read more »