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Fractography by Jay Miller

Jake Cinninger of Umphrey's McGee. Fractograph by Jay Miller of ReverbSoul

When concert photography captures a show’s energy, those moments live on forever. Seeing these photos will conjure up the overall experience, but often lack the texture and depth felt in that exact moment. Jay Miller is an artist that has an ability to tap into that moment by blending photography with fractals in order to… Read more »

Gipsy Moon at Avogadro’s Number

As we age in the scene, the generations change and the music evolves. Summer Camp seems to develop by leaps and bounds every year. With a lineup of over 100 musical acts offered they are constantly bringing in new groups and continuing to be an innovator in the festival scene. This year Jay Goldberg is… Read more »

The First Annual Spark Fire and Flow Event

We arrived at Three Sisters Park, unaccustomed to the emptiness. We have been there so many times for Summer Camp, it was odd to visit our Memorial Day weekend home without the bustle created by thousands of people. Once we parked and ventured into the woods it seemed almost surreal to walk down the familiar paths… Read more »

Saturday at Spark, Fire, Flow

Saturday began with an enormous storm. The sky was pitch black, the wind scratched violently and the rain pounded down. Branches were being snapped off trees like toothpicks and so campers were evacuated from their tents for safety reasons. Surprisingly as fast as the storm came and as terrible as it was, by the early afternoon it… Read more »