The Coolest Thing About Summer Camp

Hey Campers,

So my favorite thing about Summer Camp is the unexpected surprises. With over 100 musical acts and performances throughout the weekend, some of the most magical moments are the ones you weren’t expecting.

And that was especially true last night with Quixotic. I was told there was some sort of Cirque du soleil performance going on in the Red Barn, so a few friends and I decided to check it out.

We had NO idea what we were in for.

Quixotic is comprised of an electric violinist, a drummer, and a female vocalist/accordion/etc player, and a group of ridiculously talented dancers (who are super sexy BTW). The dance troop is as amazing on the ground as they are when they’re up in the air (did I mention they’re aerial acrobatics too?). Both musicians and dancers are in other-worldly black and white costumes with zebra hats and LED capes, which when surrounded by their LED backdrop creates an out of this world sensory experience.

It’s Cirque du soleil. And electronic music. And dubstep. And so much more. I sort of wish they were playing again tonight.

Definitely a great start to what looks to be the best Summer Camp yet!

Happy Friday!

Your Summer Camp Director