Summer Camp Masquerade Troupe Winners

Announcing our first ever Summer Camp Masquerade Troupe, congratulations! Check out each winner’s video below.

A message from our judges: “To those of you who submitted a video for the Summer Camp Music Festival Masquerade Troupe contest… first of all, thank you!!! Myself (Lydia), Christine, and Ali had a great time going through all of your entries and watching all of you lovely and talented people.”

Chad F. –

Dan R. –

Eric S. –

Evan D. –

Grace G. –

Jacquie I –

Kiersten M. –

Sami J. –
Sarah H. –
Steve K. –

Your Prize: The Troupe will have exclusive performances with different artists throughout the festival, and will also perform in the Vibe Tent for the Chalice Dubs Masquerade! Masquerade Troupe members will also be hosting workshops throughout the festival, and did we mention everyone selected to be a part of the troupe gets in FREE??